Tuesday, November 06, 2018

NaBloPoMo 6 werk werk werk

Lydia and I got up gently again today and breakfasted slowly which was very chilled. She had an early nap so I got on with some house work before a new friend Jon came to visit.

He was looking for some help with setting up a website for a new community project he's working on. So I got to exercise the consultancy part of my brain, helped him think through a comms plan and initial website planning. He has a little girl a just a little bit older than Lydia so he was a great help in playing and distracting her whilst we worked.

Once he'd left, Lydia and I spent the day playing and feeding, and whilst she napped, I was washing nappies and putting them back together. I caught up with another episode of the Bodyguard over my lunch.

Tom is on call today but came home in time for dinner. Whilst we heated up a freezer dinner of Pho, we had a video call with Lydia's godmothers, Jo and Sarah. Lydia was trying curry for the first time and they enjoyed laughing at her reactions. It was paneer curry with lots of yogurt stirred through, and she made some great faces as she ate.

This evening once she went to bed we tidied the kitchen and made packed lunches, and now I'm here writing.

So a not very much kind of a day but a day.

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