Monday, November 19, 2018

NaBloPoMo 19 Autumn Socks Day

And lo it came to pass one November that Tom was complaining that Autumn sucked, and Alex said nay, Autumn rocked and time passed with them arguing good naturedly until Tom accidentally said "Autumn socks" and they laughed and laughed. Alex bought Tom some special sock to cheer him up a day or so later.

Since that day on, every year on 19 November, the Tarlings ritually buy each other a pair of Autumn socks.

This year was Lydia's first Autumn Socks Day. I'd sent socks to all my godchildren in our guise of the Fairy Sock Parents.

I think we did well this year!

Other than swapping socks over dinner today, we had a busy day.

Lydia woke up at 5:30am and then went back to sleep for an hour. She then had her 6:30am feed and went straight back to sleep! She was still asleep at 9:00am when I woke her as we had Tots at church at 9:30am. Did mean I could get dressed easily enough!

I had to take a pouch for her breakfast and feed it to her at Tots. We had a nice time, Lydia playing with all the noisy toys and me chatting to the other parents. Helpfully there's a fruit snack during story time so Lydia got a bit more breakfast!

Once we were done singing at Tots, we came home for a nappy change, a feed and a spot of cheese, tomato, pepper and fruit porridge for lunch. Then popped some washing on and I packed the car up with shopping bags for an afternoon of shopping around 1pm.

Where I'm in the bit of my maternity leave with no pay, we're trying to be super frugal. So I'm doing lots of price comparisons from supermarket to supermarket. I started off in Lidl today, because they have a good price on fresh bread, and then went on to Asda as they were cheapest for all the things I couldn't get in Lidl and for baby vests and babygrows as Lydia needs bigger ones. Oh and I bought some ridiculous baby shoes.

Managed to get a few more Christmas present bits too, so nearly there! And we saw Angie from church in Lidl and had a nice chat too.

Lydia manged really well, taking in all the colours and lights until we were nearly finished at Asda when I resorted to feeding her propped up across the handle of the trolley!

We came home about 5pm and as Tom had got back a bit earlier and had managed to start dinner, we were all able to eat our Thai Green Curry together. We had fun watching her eat her halved blueberries too. She'd manage to pick them up then drop them on her bib and then try and lift the bib to her face to eat them.

After dinner, we opened our socks together. Tom started bedtime and I put more washing on, and we swapped as I went to do the bedtime feed and Tom went off to PCC. Once Lydia had settled down for the night, I did a bit more sewing, converting ancient terry nappies from my mum into boosters for our nappies. I need to replace some elastics on our nappies too as some have got have got a bit slack where they were second hand.

Since Tom got back, we've had a fancy hot chocolate and are catching up with Doctor Who. I've got some church comms work to do too.

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