Monday, November 12, 2018

NaBloPoMo 12 shopping

Lydia woke at 530 today and had a feed and a nappy change before going back to sleep till 8am.

We got up and dressed and I chatted to her about what we could see out the windows. She was a bit snotty this morning so we gave Tots a miss to avoid infecting anyone.

Once we'd had our breakfast of toast and fruit and yogurt, we started our mammoth day of shopping. First to Lidl as I'd seen them advertising fabric advent calendars but alas, I think I wasn't quick enough. Lydia like to look at the bright lights in supermarkets. Got some bits for Christmas presents.

Then on to IKEA with Lydia napping in the car, taking a roundabout route to prolong her nap. There we met up with Laura and little Tamsin for a free IKEA Family cup of tea and a chat whilst the babies lunched. Lydia was very keen on the pasta and tomato sauce pouch I'd grabbed in a hurry. Had to make sure I saw someone today as Tom is on call. We did a bit of IKEA shopping together afterwards and then went our separate ways around 3pm.

On to Sainsbury's, again with a parking bay break to allow Lydia to sleep before picking up some bits I couldn't get in Lidl. Lydia was quite grouchy by now, but she'd charmed some cute older kids who kept coming to say hello and coo at her. Stopped at the seats after checkout for a feed and charmed the older chap who'd stopped for a rest as well.

Then home via the sorting office to collect a parcel. Some Sarah and Duck for Lydia whilst I unloaded the car, then a feed and Strictly Come Dancing for mummy. Lydia had her dinner whilst I unpacked the shopping. Only half a story at bedtime tonight as she was so keen to feed. She's taken to grabbing my top and burying her head in my chest when she wants food which is a pretty obvious sign.

Tom's been out on call all evening, so I've tidied the kitchen and sorted washing after my dinner. Now sitting down to some knitting before bed.

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