Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Green Tshirt

Red T shirt to make laces

Green Shorts

Green leggings

Black knee high boots

Green gloves

Yellow Cape

Yellow laces to make waistcoat

Black Circle with Yellow R, left side

Black Mask

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Just writing writing writing

Can’t take any more Classic FM. So Paloma is caressing the earbuds. 13 minutes to write uninterrupted.

Ooh my screen looks like the Matrix.

Where are we then?

Joyously celebrating Adam and Toddy’s engagement.

Planning a wedding fair at Church. Enquiries for tables trickling in.

Taking on the role of churchwarden if the vote goes my way. Not sure I want it to, but there’s not many other people who want to stand. This means noticeboards, faculties, DAC and more.

Watching Tom be excited about Winchester Diocese for the first time in 3 years after what looked like a useful conference.

Feeling a bit like life is in limbo as we approach another year of Tom being away. Lots of house projects I could attempt, but I don’t feel confident doing them on my own. Don’t want to do them wrong. Could do more sewing.

Need to make a Robin costume for Tom for Verity’s 18th Birthday Party.

Planning my holiday to Italy. Need euros, and boarding passes and print outs of directions.

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For distraction free writing

For distraction free writing:

Watch this space for more posts flooding your world

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