Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaBloPoMo 3 - Power, or lack of

I got into work today to find we had no power! Not so good for a web company!

I spent the morning cleaning my keyboard, trying to check my emails before our UPS ran out of back up power and twiddling my thumbs. We were just getting ready to pack up when the power came back on.

Still it did make for a nice quiet morning! Apparently most of the city centre was out, though I've not found out why.

Last night comms meeting went well. The curate and the church warden agreed with Tom and I about the need for better comms in general, and I spent my lunch break today adjusting the layout of the church website. I now just have to find a way to make the content fill the screen. The joys of Joomla:

Any ideas world?

I also tidied up all the content, so I just have to chase everyone up for it, and then I should be good for that part. My other job is to put together a branding document as we really need a simple easy to photocopy branding mark and some branding guidelines. So that's what I'm doing next.

I'm also feelingsmug because one of my recent projects had it's first public outing today, and did really well stats wise. So that's comforting.

I also had a FABULOUS letter from Nicola, which made me smile. Real post is so satisfying and uplifting. If anyone else wants real post just shout!

This evening, I was helping Cat with her marketing of her handmade cards business (, she was having trouble with pesky Paypal buttons. If anyone wants handmade stationery, check her out.

And finally, whilst I remember, I must jot down these ideas to come back to later.

Researching women in the early church and comparing to now a la dissertation

The general reformation of church in the period just after the Reformation by all christian groups

Why I'm not sure large corporate worship works anymore

Writing a liturgy of hallowing the ordinary things


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