Friday, November 16, 2018

NaBloPoMo 16 pork

Up around 6 with Lydia, had a play and got dressed fairly sharpish as lots to do today. Lydia needed lots of cuddles and attention today so she had to come and sit on the bed and watch me get dressed today.

Once we'd had some breakfast of spiced apple porridge, Lydia played in her highchair between feeds and nappy changes whilst in made curry for tonight and got the nappies on to wash.

We had an really early lunch and then went to Testwood Lakes to meet our friends Louise and baby Chloe and Hannah and baby Lily for a walk. It was nice to catch up, though note to self it's a carrier not a buggy walk. We went for a coffee after at the Morrisons cafe. Supermarkets are the safe bet for baby friendly snacking.

Then off in the car for an hour to pick up the Southampton pork delivery for our friend from my mother-in-law. I was super early so drive around for half an hour whilst Lydia slept.

Pork acquired, we had a long journey back due to very bad traffic. Lydia was very sad, so we stopped as soon as we could so she could have a feed to keep her going. I was quite stressed by the time we got back.

Our usual Friday night crowd had come over, and Tom had made Persian rice and lentils to go with our curry. We let Lydia stay up a little to play as lots of people hadn't seen her for a while. Charley arrived just in time to read Lydia her bedtime story.

Once she'd gone to bed, I ate my curry and then we had excellent rhubarb and lemon cake that Charley had baked.

We're currently playing the Times Quiz. It's really nice to see friends and hang out. We did amazingly well in the first half but it's not going so well now.

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