Sunday, November 04, 2018

NaBloPoMo 4 swimming

We all survived Lydia's first night in her own room. She woke up at 6:30am which was nice! After her first feed, we got up Harry promptly and breakfasted fast enough to get to church just as the first hymn started.

I enjoyed Nicky's sermon on how to find ways to pray throughout your whole day, and Lydia was only making happy noises which was nice. She did manage to need a complete outfit change after the service so we made a quick exit!

We had to sing one song to the tune of another in the last hymn, as we used the wrong track off our CD of organ backing tracks. It was a pretty hard tune to sing, not sure God would have been enjoying it much!

Lydia fell asleep on the short walk home so we let her nap and I sent Tom off for a lie down too as he looked knackered. I sorted out washing and prepped to go swimming until Lydia woke up.

Once she'd woken up and had a little feed and a play, we packed the car and trundled off to Oaklands Swimming Pool in Lordshill for their Floats Fun Swim. Lydia seems to like being in the water, and would kick her legs when floated along on her back or front, or whilst holding a float. It's lovely watching her get so excited. We have a little baby wetsuit/swimsuit for her that keeps her nice and warm which is great.

Eventually she started to look tired and a bit cold, so it was time to go. I wasn't sure how to manage changing her and me, but as she seemed happy wrapped in her damp towel and it was fairly warm in changing room, I decided to get me changed first so I didn't do drip water all over her.

She inevitably fell asleep in the car. Tom impressively managed to get her from car to living room floor whilst still asleep, so we tucked hey up in a blanket there and got on with preparing lunch. Fish finger sandwiches for us, and mash, fish fingers, cucumber and apple for Lydia which she seemed to like very much. Only just managed to avoid setting fire to the fish fingers by getting distracted by emptying the washing machine!

For the rest of the afternoon we bimbled around the house taking it in turns to amuse the baby and do chores. I made an apple crumble for dinner later, and some breastfeeding breakfast bars for a friend who's just had a baby. I enjoyed peeling the skins off the lightly defrosted whole frozen apples with my fingers. The flesh just under the surface had gone mushy and the skins came off really easily. No good for eating as is but perfect for crumble.

The breakfast bars are a Nigella recipe similar to flapjack that uses a tin of condensed milk warmed through in place of butter and golden syrup. She adds oats, cranberries, dessicated coconut, and mixed nuts and seeds to hers. I made do with the random content of my cupboards, berry museli, nut museli, ground almonds, sesame seeds, and raisins. Came out well though!

Tom prepared veggie stew for dinner, and took Lydia out for a little walk to get leeks whilst I made the dumplings. Our friends Dee and Sam came to be dinner, which was fab as we'd not seen them for ages. Stew, dumplings and crumble all turned out fine, phew! Lydia joined us at the dining table with her dinner which was fun and got put to bed between the main course and dessert.

We had a wonderful evening setting the world to rights with Dee and Sam. I'm just madly writing this in bed to squeak in the deadline, after some online Christmas shopping and Strictly Come Dancing. Remembrance flowers tomorrow.

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