Friday, November 02, 2018

NaBloPoMo 2 trees

Up bright and early today for a physio appointment at 730am. Tom looked after Lydia whilst I was in my appointment. Since Lydia was born I've developed a pain in my left hip. It was both a stabbing pain in my left groin and an ache in my left sacroiliac joint, but the physio seems to be helping.

Once we'd got back send all had some toast, Tom went to work and Lydia played whilst I put some washing away. I had hoped to go to a messy play session with some baby friends but Lydia decided to nap at just the wrong point. So I arranged to see people for a walk later instead.

Whilst Lydia napped I sorted and stuffed the washable nappies, then when she woke up, we had lunch together and played for a bit until it was time to go to the Common. We had a short feed in the hope she'd nap again whilst at were out.

She duly obliged, and I even managed to transfer her from the carseat to the buggy with minimal stirring which is always a win. I met up with Laura and her baby Tamsin, and we set off across the gorgeously autumnal Common. We found Louise and Chloe, and had a fab stroll in the crisp air and a good old natter too.

We know each other from our NCT classes and we're just reaching the point where we're getting to know everyone a bit better and can talk about more than the babies which is lovely. We stopped for a quick drink on the Cowherds, and had fun watching the babies talk away to each other.

Once it started to get cold, we went our separate ways. Lydia and I collected a few leaves on the walk to the car which she duly decided to eat. We had a quick phone call with Tom to through evening plans and then popped home to pick up more baby stuff so we could go to Jon and Hannah's.

So here you find me, lying on the floor of their empty lounge as Tom helps them move furniture ready for their house move and I feed the baby. I have done nothing useful but hopefully Tom has!

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