Thursday, November 22, 2018

NaBloPoMo 22 singing

I can't even remember what time Lydia woke up today. We had our usual feed, then I got her dressed right away as we were going out this morning. She wore her green babygrow and a little red pinafore that was my sister's, to match her strawberry hat that Laura had made her. This was because Lou who runs Hartbeeps encouraged us to bring the babies dressed as elves today and this was the closest we had to an elf outfit! She did look adorable. I also discovered she had a new tooth on the bottom left, her sixth.

She then sat and played whilst I used the bathroom, then came and sat on the bed whilst I got dressed. Where I have to wear my hair up everyday to stop her grabbing out so much, I've gone back to all the fantastical styles I used to do as a teenager. Two dutch braids today, which Lydia liked trying to suck!

She had a sleepy feed in bed, which was nice to have a cuddle on such a cold day. Since we've moved her into her own room, I do the bedtime feed sat on the sofa, where as when she slept in our room, I'd do it lying on the bed. I quite miss it, not quite as comfy or cosy!

Then once we were all dressed, it was downstairs for a fruit, yogurt and toast breakfast, a bit of playing, a nappy change and off to Hartbeeps. The Hartbeeps songs are right earworms, I'm still singing them now. Alongside the usual ones, we pretended to make Christmas puddings with ribbons and plushy cakes and shaky eggs in plastic bowls, there were presents to wrap and fake Christmas trees with lights and tinsel to explore. Apparently we're getting our sleigh driving licences and there might be snow next week.

Lydia napped in the buggy on way home, and blessedly stayed asleep for 2 hours whilst I made lasagne and put washing on. There's a meal train for a family with a new baby at church, and I'm down for tomorrow, so I made lasagne for them and one for us. Had to get the mincer attachment out to mince up some of the diced pork from Tom's mum's farm, and added spinach and olives to try and up the veg content.

Louisa and Elis arrived around 2pm for a drink and a biscuit and a chat and a play, as Louisa had been picking up the second hand cloth nappies she'd bought. We had a lovely time, and the babies really try and interact with each other now. Elis would jump every time Lydia screeched which was cute.

Lydia and I played some more and then she had another feed so we watched some Strictly together, which is how Tom found us when he got in. He then played with Lydia whilst I packed for going away to my mum's tomorrow and got changed for Pilates.

Pilates was hard but good as Priya taught tonight's class. Really felt it walking home. It was so cold tonight as well, glad I put my leg warmers on.

Home to a Lydia in her PJs after apparently vomiting up her dinner, hopefully just a one off due to fingers in her mouth and not coming down with anything. She seemed jolly enough. She went to have a bedtime story with Tom and I loaded the dishwasher. Then went to feed her before having our dinner. After dinner, Tom and I had a chance to sit down together and chat for a bit and I've been knitting whilst he had a shower. Bed now!

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