Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another wedding - this time I did the flowers

The lovely wedding of Lucie, Tom's cousin, and Mike. I was lucky enough to do the flowers.

Avalanche roses, feeling green chrysanthemums, bear grass, lissianthus, statis, carnations, spider chrysanthemums, soft ruscus, ivy, carnations.

They seemed very happy indeed to be getting married, and I loved the horse and carriage.



Sunday, May 06, 2012

More pictures from the Melian wedding


A Joyous Day

 We're sat at home this evening snuggled up, tired through and through from a weekend of partying and dancing. We went up to High Wycombe on Friday for the wedding of our good friend Mel from university to the lovely Ian, the brother of another of our university friends, Jess. To complete the picture, Jess is engaged to Mel's best friend, Andy. I know I know.

On the way, we stopped off to see my friends at Sandham Memorial Chapel, and enjoyed plenty of tea and cake and chat with our art. Once we made it to High Wycombe, we dropped our stuff off at Mel's dad's house, and did a spot of tie shopping whilst the wedding party did the wedding rehearsal. Then we met up with them all for a meal and had much fun teasing the soon to be marrieds.

We were staying at Mel's dad's to allow me to be up bright and early on the Saturday morning to do the hair for Mel and her three bridesmaids. I was also drafted in as blusher monitor and buttonhole pinneronner. Tom sorted out balloons for the reception and some surprise balloons for Mel as a present for Ian.

So after the swirling excitment of mass getting ready, we pottered off to the church, with me hobbling along in my best nude heels. I had pimped my wedding hat with blue feathers in honour of Mel's longstanding love affair with the colour blue, and our other friends had also managed some blue clothing.

The service was lovely with barnstorming hymns, and very meaningful prayers. And it was lovely to see our friends getting married after 9 years of being together. They've weathered some storms in those years, and are generous and loving friends. It was just so special to witness their marriage.

After the service we were off to the hotel for the reception where we enjoyed some very tasty food, some funny and moving speeches, and lots and lots of dancing. I especially enjoyed jiving away with Tom, and doing the Mr. Brightside dance with the chaplaincy folks. The dancing went on to the wee smalls and was superb.

We woke in the morning to slightly sore heads, a breakfast buffet and much much fun decorating the couples getaway car. Once we'd waved them off, we went for a BBQ at the groom's parents and did the obligatory photo post mortem over tasty food.

It's been such a happy and exciting weekend!