Thursday, November 29, 2018

NaBloPoMo 29 reindeer

Lydia had her morning feed in bed with me, nice to have cuddles. She slept in again as well. Good that I checked the time of her docs appointment today as it was 850am rather than 950am as I thought.

So whilst she slept, I got myself dressed, then woke her to get her dressed for the day and took her downstairs for some yogurt as first breakfast. Off to the docs, fortunately only a 5 minute walk away.

She's reacted with a hives like rash on her face when eating egg, so I wanted to get that checked out. The doc thought it looked/sounded like a mild egg allergy, so no eggs for either of us whilst we wait for the allergy specialist referral. Lydia spent most of the appointment making eyes at the doctor from her pram.

Then home for a second breakfast of Weetabix and a nappy change and a bit of playing before going out again to Hartbeeps. Reindeer and sleigh ride themed today. Martin came with us and got to experience the joyous weirdness that is Hartbeeps. Lydia as ever liked the bubbles and the lights best.

We left sharpishly as my grandparents had rung to see if I was in today just before we headed out, and I'd said we'd be back for 12ish. A quick stop for extra cheese on the way, and I found 'The Great People' as they call themselves to Lydia, sat in their car dodging the train and waiting for us.

They had a cup of tea and chatted to Martin as Lydia was napping and I made cheese on toast, and then spent the rest of their visit cooing at Lydia as you would expect.

Once they'd gone and Lydia had a little lunch and another feed, Martin provided excellent baby entertainment and I put washing on and sorted washing out. Lydia had a sleepy feed mid afternoon, and Tom came home to find us all playing in the lounge.

Next came an early Christmas present for Lydia from Martin, a cuddly Jersey cow, so she knows what proper cows look like. She wasn't sure about wrapping paper but soon got the hang of it, and seemed quite enamored with the cow.

I left the boys to get dinner and feed Lydia and went off to Pilates. Our new to me but usual class teacher is back from maternity leave and she was very good, especially about giving me adaptions for my hip

Since coming back, we've had a bit of an evening of it trying to get Lydia to settle. Think her teeth are sore. She finally went down at 930pm, and I've just heard a cry. After dinner I put more washing on and went to eat my feelings with a bar of chocolate, knitting and Doctor Who. Bed now.

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