Friday, November 23, 2018

NaBloPoMo 23 granny

Lydia up at 630ish, had cosy sleepy feed and pumped milk, said goodbye to Tom, got her dressed bar her tights and bought her into my room to snuggle up in bed whilst I got dressed. Then downstairs for a leisurely breakfast, dishwasher on, another sleepy feed and playtime whilst I packed the car and made packed lunch.

Off to deliver new baby meal to people from church on the meal train around 12noon, then to Westbury to stay with my mum and dad for a night whilst Tom is out walking the Itchen on a night walk with Rich. Lydia napped most of the way.

Met mum at the parish office so she could show Lydia off to her friend Lynne, who's the administrator, then back to mum's. Verity stopped in to say hello on her way to the docs, and she came back after and stayed for tea, so the afternoon has passed in the joyous haze of chatting, tea and playing with the baby. Lydia had a carpet picnic lunch, a sleepy feed and her dinner amidst all this, slobbered all over Auntie Verity and Granny read her two bedtime stories. It's du joyous to watch your child play with your family.

We had Greek takeaway for dinner, yum!

One wake up so far since bedtime, currently asleep next to me, need to pluck up courage to put her to bed again and go cut out birds for mum's craft thing at church tomorrow.

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