Thursday, November 01, 2018

NaBloPoMo 1 grinning

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...."

The one where I crank out the old blogging mojo and get to it again.

Today, I tried to snuggle in bed with Lydia for as long as possible but she was having none of it. So I got dressed whilst dancing around to the Archers theme, as is our morning routine, bedtime clashing with live listening. She grins at me like a loon, I love it.

Then we went to Lydia's room to get her dressed. Today she was wearing the Snow White costume Glitter Granny (my mum) had bought for £1 in her local charity shop. It was Halloween themed week at Hartbeeps, our local baby sensory singing thing I go to, so I thought we could get away with some late dressing up.

Next up was breakfast. Lydia is enjoying exploring food, so we shared Readybrek and a persimmon. Lydia was quite keen on both which was great. She got to go and play on the family room carpet at this point and I sorted some washing and tidied up before getting ready to go. A quick feed and Lydia was bundled up into the pushchair for our walk to St Denys church hall. She had a little nap on the way which is good!

We arrived at Hartbeeps in plenty of time for a fun session of singing, autumn leaves, inflatable pumpkins, and gnome hats. Hartbeeps is my fave of the baby groups we've tried so far, as it's really chilled out and creative and the lady who runs it in our area is so kind and friendly.

We walked as far as the park on the way home with our friends Marika and baby Micah. I'd met Marika at pregnancy yoga so it is lovely to see the babies our bumps have become. I had to rush then as our lunch guests spotted us at the traffic lights and I didn't want to keep them waiting.

Anna and Valerie are another mum and bump/baby I met at Yoga. We had a lovely lunch catching up, and watching the babies play. She'd bought me a succulent which was really sweet of her. Got to decide the right spot for it now.

After they'd gone, Lydia and I spent the afternoon playing and feeding. I'm trying to encourage her to nap in the afternoons properly, so we tried that. Whilst she was sleeping I renewed my car insurance and got more washing on.

Hannah popped by to borrow our DIY vacuum cleaner and have a quick play with Lydia. Tom came back nice and early from his volunteering meeting so I had plenty of time to get ready for Pilates. Unfortunately when I got to my class, it looked like the teacher had forgotten about it, so I toddled home to Tom giving Lydia her dinner and making ours.

I'm writing now after her bedtime, having done the first feed, and now trying to encourage her to go to sleep sleep. Tom spotted her 5th tooth had started to come through which might explain all the dribble we've seen lately. Best go and write that in her red book.

Need to start my Christmas shopping and work on the christmas baby cardigan I've started for Lydia. Christmas falls over the months when I won't be getting paid so lots of second hand and homemade presents all round.

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