Wednesday, November 07, 2018

NaBloPoMo 7 London

Lydia and I got up sharpish this morning as we were off to London for an adventure.

We had some fruit and porridge for breakfast and Lydia bashed her toys and cups on the kitchen table whilst I packed the car with the travel highchair, the changing bag, the baby's packed lunch and bib, food for lunch, presents, sewing things and bridesmaid dresses. You know the usual.

We were going to visit my school friend Amey and her partner Adam and their new baby Harry. We managed to get to their bit of London in a couple of hours and there was even a parking space in front of the house!

Once I'd unpacked the kitchen sink, we had a lovely time catching up, cooing over babies and swapping parenting stories. After lunch, we walked around the block to try their baby carrier out, and altered some dresses.

There's something very special in seeing your oldest friend with their new baby. I've known Amey since I was about 3 and we went to ballet lessons together.

Lydia had napped on the way there and napped on the way back too. Unfortunately there was lots of traffic on the way home so she wasn't very happy on the last half an hour as she was hungry but there was no where to stop.

When we got on, we had a long feed, then she had a late dinner whilst Tom and I cooked ours. I managed to wake her up when I went to put her to bed as we'd forgotten to put hey sleeping bag on before her feed, so she had to have another, but she's sleeping now.

Tom had a slow journey back too, so we had IKEA meatballs and mash for dinner, pimped with cabbage and nigella seeds and carrots and cumin.

Now time to tidy up before bed. Lots of fireworks tonight, I think for Diwali.

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