Tuesday, November 27, 2018

NaBloPoMo 26+27 Cake

First fail of this year. That's not bad!

Yesterday Lydia and I got up promptly and we went to visit my friend Claire from work for coffee and cake. I dressed Lydia up in a pretty outfit and we stopped at Romsey Aldi on the way to pick up birthday goodies for Claire and cake. Sod's law would have it that Lydia weed through her nappy which necessitated a full outfit change when we arrived *facepalm*.

However, she was a complete poppet for the rest of the time, napping on the sofa and making happy faces. Another work friend, Jo, joined us and we chatted for a good couple of hours which was lovely.

Then we came home again, and I left Lydia with Tom who had been sleeping off his long on call the previous night. He and Jon were fitting a new radiator in our family room. So off I popped to physio. Seemed to really help my hip and I have new exercises to do.

Once back, I made some lunch for Tom and I, and played with the baby. As we were having freezer dinner, which is nice and quick, we could all eat together which was jolly. Tom started and I finished bed time as he was off to a Montys meeting. I spent the rest of evening whilst Tom was out working on the church website and trying to get Lydia to go to sleep. Which she eventually did.

Today, Lydia woke up a bit later, but it was a quick get dressed and get out as I had a massage today. Priya, my pilates teacher, is training in sports massage and was looking for bodies to practice on for a reduced rate! She only loves 5 mins away, so we toddled down the road via the ATM at Tescos for cash, and Priya's lovely mum Suzie looked after Lydia whilst Priya worked on my dodgy hip and shoulders. She found some very lumpy bits of fascia in my right should and left sacrum and worked on those. Now I feel much much lighter which is great!

After that we went off to have coffee and baby play time with Rebecca and Mila from NCT along with some other NCT mums and babies. I loved their house, and Lydia had a whale of time playing with Mila's books and watching their cat Sakura stalking about. It was so lovely to just chill for a while.

We left at 2 ish to get back as Tom's mum was coming to visit, though she didn't arrive till 3 as the traffic was terrible, lots of accidents and bad weather. She had lots of fun playing with Lydia, and I  sorted out nappies whilst we chatted. She amused Lydia whilst I had a call with work about my return which was super helpful.Tom got home around 5pm and I started dinner. Again we managed to have it ready so that Lydia could eat with us. I love seeing her sat up to the table with us. She managed to feed herself the pasta and veg, think the giant pasta shells helped!

Tom and his mum started bedtime, and she did story time, it was really fun listening to her do very accurate farm animal noises from downstairs. Then I did the bed time feed, and have been working on the church website move since. Done for today, think I need to bite the bullet and just change the nameservers.

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