Sunday, November 18, 2018

NaBloPoMo 18 swimming

Up with Lydia again this morning, very hungry for milk today. Tom got her dressed whilst I got dressed, and I took her downstairs for her breakfast whilst he got dressed. Then off to church.

Once we got there, realised we'd forgotten it was Baked Potato Lunch day, so reworked our plans in our head to accommodate it. Lydia was quite cheery throughout the service, though at one point I was lying on the carpet with her sat on my stomach.

Once the service was done and we'd had a cup of tea and a chat, I went and bought some potatoes and left them with the kitchen team to be baked with everyone else's, whilst Tom went back and packed the swimming things. Then off to Oaklands pool once we got our swimming clothes on under our outers.

Lydia fell asleep in the car, felt really mean waking her, but she was bright and alert in seconds. Tom's turn to get her ready, so I was changed really quickly. I'd forgotten how fast you can go when not entertaining a baby.

She seemed to like being in the water again, not so sure about the showers. We got her to hold on to a float and zoomed her about and when she kicked her legs, let her move under her own steam. We practiced being jumped in from sitting on the side, and splashing her hands, which she got the hang of pretty quickly.

After half an hour, it was time to go back to church. There had been an oven mishap, so we were some of the first to get our potatoes. We sat with some of the kids, and everyone avoided our table like the plague. Probably because of the kids, but they were really well behaved. Lydia had fallen asleep again, but woke up near the end as had her dinner of Friday night curry. We also had a great chat with the Nichols family.

After helping tidy up, we trundled off home again, and spent the afternoon sorting out clothes as Lydia's ready to move up a size, and sorting washing. Lydia had a sleepy feed around 4pm and I enjoyed some tea and leftover rhubarb cake over her head. It was very cosy all curled up together.

For tea, she tried some manderin segments or OngPongs as Tom's family calls them, and they were a great hit. She was even trying to eat the fallen pieces from her bib.

After she went to bed, we had dinner and tidied the kitchen, made lunches, sorted washing, and in my case, caught up with Strictly and wrapped more presents. Nearly there!

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