Tuesday, November 13, 2018

NaBloPoMo 13 Cinema

Lydia woke up at 6:30am today - score! My boobs were so sore and full where she'd slept through. Got up with her, fed her and pumped at the same time - much harder these days where she tries to grab the tubes compared to when she was littler. Got her dressed, then she wanted to feed again. She's taken to grabbing my top and pushing her face down it, so very easy to tell when she's hungry at the mo. She then fell asleep whilst feeding, and when I tried to put her back in her cot, she woke up. Left her to play in her inflatable ring whilst I got dressed, Then shared a breakfast of Weetabix and banana.

Got a load of washing on and sorted out washing whilst she played, and packed the car up ready to go out. We were off to the cinema today. I've been going to baby cinema at the Harbour Lights every now and again since she's been about 8 weeks. They call it the Big Scream showing, and the lights are up a bit, the sound is down a bit and they put the subtitles up. You get to see all kinds of films, not just kids films, and it gives you something else to talk about other than the baby, That's on Wednesdays. I mentioned this a new friend Tammy who has a little girl a little bit older than Lydia, and she said to let her know the next time I was going. Well I fancied it this week, and as she couldn't do Wednesday, I looked into the other cinemas. Odeon do Newbies on a Tuesday and Showcase do Baby Pictures on Thursdays. The Showcase and Odeon are the cheapest, but there's a nice sense of community at the Harbour Lights and people often stop for a coffee afterwards.

Once I'd picked up Tammy and Sofia and had a chorus of baby singing on our drive, we successfully negotiated ticket pick up and registering for parking. We got settled in the cinema, thinking we'd have the place to ourselves but three other sets of people arrived just as the adverts started. Lydia watched for a bit, then had a feed and slept for an hour. She then needed a nappy change and had her lunch. Sofia made friends with one of the other babies who I think was actually after her snacks and then had a nap too. I quite enjoyed the film which was the new Disney the Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Would have liked more ballet in it, but that's me. Lydia liked watching the dancing at the end and was bopping to the music.

After the film, Sofia was still napping and we had a bit of parking time left, so we walked over to John Lewis so we could buy Tom his autumn socks. Lydia wiggled more enthusiastically when presented with one pair over another, so I hope Tom likes them.

We dropped off Tammy and Sofia, and then went home. Lydia inevitably fell asleep on the short drive, so I locked us in the car and had a nap with her parked up on the drive way as she would only have woken up if I tried to move her inside. Once inside, she played for a bit whilst I sorted nappies, unpacked a bit, and started wrapping Autumn Socks and addressing Christmas cards ready to post.

Tom got in relatively early today as he'd been on a course, so he had a good time playing with Lydia before her tea, and fed her her tea tonight. I cooked sausages and mash for tea. with some of the really tasty French sausages we'd bought back and frozen from our last trip. They're all meat and onion and slightly cured so have a really delicous taste. After dinner, Tom got Lydia ready for bed and I fed her. Got her into her cot but then she woke up and was wide awake so had to feed her again. There's been a couple of crying very short crying spells, but she's not actually been awake, so have left her to it tonight.  Have finished wrapping the autumn socks parcels and knitted a bit more of Lydia's Christmas cardigan. It's using up scraps from the jumper I made myself.

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