Wednesday, November 21, 2018

NaBloPoMo 21 out in town

Lydia slept till 7:30am after her difficult evening which was a blessing. She was super chirpy whilst getting up today. She had her morning feed and a look at the foggy dawn out the window.

We had breakfast together, stopping on our way in the hall as always to say hello to the baby in the hall mirror, with her shouting and her arms and legs going wild with excitement. Then we had a play in the family room, with cups and books, and when she started getting grumpy we went upstairs for a nappy change and a sleepy feed.

Then more playing and 'helping' mummy whilst I sorted the washing out in her room before another nappy and a feed and then a long nap. I prepped her lunch and did chores whilst she napped.

Then once she woke and fed again, we were off to town to meet Louisa and Marmers for a coffee at Harbour Lights after they'd been to baby cinema. I didn't fancy the film this week, and I was trying to be frugal with my money as it's nearly payday. We saw Hannah walking out from her office on the way past in Ocean Village so invited her to come along too.

So we passed a fun hour or so chatting, the other all having tasty looking pies, and I having a cookie and feeding Lydia her lunch.

Once it was time to go, I parked the car in Eastgate, and Lydia and I wondered around the Christmas market and got Verity's present, which is good, another ticked off my list. Lydia liked looking at the pretty lights on everything. It was very cold though. She'd napped on the short journey to the car park, so I kept her in her carseat and bundled her up in blankets whilst she slept. I shall be sorry when she outgrows that carseat and we can't put the new one on the pushchair wheels. I dropped my carparking ticket in one of the shops when I got my phone out to pay, but managed to track it down. It was one of those days as I'd left my purse at home. Thank goodness for Google Pay!

We came home about 4:30pm, and Lydia napped a bit more on the way back. Once home, Tom helped me unload the car, and I then fed Lydia her tea and unpacked from being out all day and put nappies on to wash. Tom was out to homegroup tonight, so I had to do a solo bedtime, which is unusual. She has been asleep ok so far tonight.

Since her bedtime, I've had my dinner, and worked on some more Church Christmas publicity.

Bed time for me now!

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