Saturday, December 28, 2013

Verity has one guinea pig and one wig? / on Instagram...

Verity has one guinea pig and one wig? / on Instagram

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tom prepares my smoked salmon Christmas breakfast. In a velvet...

Tom prepares my smoked salmon Christmas breakfast. In a velvet smoking jacket. As you do. / on Instagram

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The in-laws fake tree, passed my glance test! / on Instagram...

The in-laws fake tree, passed my glance test! / on Instagram

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Monday, December 23, 2013

My Dad in his very cool Christmas jumper and pale blue trews. /...

My Dad in his very cool Christmas jumper and pale blue trews. / on Instagram

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmassy! Thanks Ellie and Andy for helping us decorate....

Christmassy! Thanks Ellie and Andy for helping us decorate. #nofilter / on Instagram

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

This made me smile


Last night I was trying to explain to a friend who Kaffe Fasset and Brendon Mably are.

I said ‘if knitting designers were marvel characters they’d be Tony Stark and Pepper Pots’.

Now I can’t stop thinking about who other knitwear designers would be. Elizabeth Zimmerman has to be Fury, right? Maybe the Yarn Harlot is Hawkeye?

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thursday, December 05, 2013

So, I broke my foot

Hello world.

So, I broke my foot. It was a gentle Tuesday evening, I was sat knitting, having eaten my tea. Got up to get ready for dancing, felt a huge pain my left foot, and heard a loud crack and was on the floor.

Cancelled the dancing with Christelle, and then rang Laura to take me to A and E as it had started to swell in a stripe across my foot.

Turns out I've broken the metatarsal in line with my little toe. A and E sent me away with a bandage and crutches and said to rest it, but to try and walk on it a bit.

Fracture clinic appointment this week where they put me in plaster, say not to walk on it, and worry that I have soft tissue damage and want me to have a CAT scan.

Before the fracture clinic appointment I'd felt like it was getting a bit better and was walking on it a bit. Hopefully I've not set myself back due to that conflicting advice.

Today, my colleagues came to take me to a work meeting, which I was so grateful for, so I could see the outside world. They had fun pushing me around Mottisfont in one of the wheelchairs. I loved the theme this year for their Christmas visit, The Swan Queen's Ball. Fantastical decorated trees, a ballroom to dance in. Fabulous.

My friends have been lovely about popping in to see me to make sure I see a person, and get fed whilst Tom is at work. It's nice to feel like people care about you. Even far away friends have sent hamper or offered to pay for takeaways. Very hard to carry things when you've got crutches!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

theswinginsixties: Audrey Hepburn for ‘My Fair Lady’, 1963....


Audrey Hepburn for ‘My Fair Lady’, 1963. Costume and photo by Cecil Beaton.

Ugh - when do I get to wear a massive hat again?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hey I'm stuck at home with a broken foot

Send me funny things to keep me amused please!

Or ask me any question.

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Just another day in the office / on Instagram...

Just another day in the office / on Instagram

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NaBloPoMo 18 19

Nothing much happened yesterday. Had a busy day at work, sorting Christmas stuff and proof reading content.

Then in the evening, I'd thought about going shopping then to the PCC meeting at church, but when I got in I was so hungry, that I ate first, then went to PCC.

PCC was relatively uneventful, looking at some donations to the church and how to spend them, and voting for some new communion assistants. We've got some big decisions to take as a parish coming up, so I expect there will be lots more thought and prayer as we approach the new year.

Afterwards, I went shopping and bought bits for the week as I had no food. I have the ladies coming round on Wednesday after pilates so bought bits to make pizza.  Then I watched a little of the Kennedys programme that was on BBC2

In someways, the Kennedys get treated like the American equivalent of royalty, which is odd for a supposed meritocratic society, in my head anyway.

I also had a fab chat with my dad, as it was his birthday. He's been ill recently, and he sounded so much perkier which was good.

Today has been more proof reading and Christmas sound clips for radio ads, and tech support. I'm off to visit Tom's mum and stepdad tonight and tomorrow, to use up some of my annual leave.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

NaBloPoMo 17

Today, I have been very church wardeny, attending a service at both the churches in the parish and doing some admin.

I made a tasty chorizo risotto for lunch whilst Tom did his homework.

Then I finished one of my secret Santa presents, hemmed a pair of trousers for Tom and watched lots of trashy telly.

Tom has gone off to Brum for another week if college so I'm currently tucked up in bed with an extra duvet to keep me warm.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaBloPoMo 16

Today we got up late.

I pottered about making lunch, tidying up and needle felting.

Tom was upstairs doing his maths home work.

We then popped up to Portswood to see if the charity shops would yield some trousers for Tom. The very last shop we went in did.

It was off to Ikea next, to buy new bed slats and some bits for Christmas presents. We met up with Todd and Adam and Ian and Mel for coffee as Ian and Mel had come down to furnish their new house.

Dinner was courtesy of the early sitting at the Oink pop up at Peter Rhodes. Was very tasty.

You find me now in Hannah and Jon's sitting room, having been kindly invited here after dinner.

It's been a gentle domestic kind of day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

NaBloPoMo 15

Today I went to Stowe to run a training session. It was the most beautiful day, crisp, bright, fresh.

This evening I have feasted at the Gower Todd's. Here is the darling coffee cup of espresso and honey and seed fudge with which I have just been presented.

The London Jazz orchestra is playing in the background and I might have bought a fabulous dress.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaBloPoMo 14

Today, I had a planning meeting in Surrey. We got our team secret santas. With a budget of eight pounds I shall have to think hard about how to be creative.

This evening I made dinner. It turned out ok I think. Chicken, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, onions and mushrooms in red wine and carrots. I made mash for Tom.

We went off to bible study, where Tom was leading on the subject of fasting as part of our advent series. I'm feeling inspired to try some internet fasting, as I've not felt very close to God for a while, and I wonder if that's because I'm never still and alone.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaBloPoMo 12 13

Yesterday was a manic day indeed. Lots of work, but a fab lunch with my new friend from Church.

In the eve it was off to one of the churches in my parish with Tom, Lula and Andy so Lula could PAT all the electricals. They are coming this evening to do the other church. I'm so grateful for their help.

Today I have been at Slindon, training rangers on the website system. The drive up was lovely, all the autumn colours.

I treated myself to so Autumn Hued roses to practice my bouquet arranging. Very pleased with the results. Good practice for all the wedding flowers I'm helping with next year!

Monday, November 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo 10 11

I enjoyed Sunday. We got up gently, helped Rob and Louise best we could to finish a crossword, walked along Penarth sea front, lunched at The Fig Tree , walked around Roath Park and had ice cream at Joes.

Penarth pier

Roath Park

I feel like we sampled the best of Cardiff/Penarth. I'm very jealous of Penarth's pier that's currently being refurbished. It's going to have a cinema, bar, restuarant and function rooms, and is looking splendid.

We need to tidy up tonight as Tom's mum and stepdad are coming for dinner this evening. I may make a dessert. Such decadence.


None of the NaBloPoMo prompts are very inspiring to me this year. Grr....

Saturday, November 09, 2013

NaBloPoMo 8 9

Ok, so getting home at 830pm on a Friday night is not conducive to blogging.

I was working at Ightham Mote in Kent. STUNNING place. Just love the reflection of the timber beams in the waters.

When I got in, there were lots of people round my table, drinking and laughing. Just the way I like it. Tom had made chilli con carne, and we had a great time talking into the night.

Today, after having delivered my cake to the coffee morning, we've driven off to Wales to see Rob and Louise.

We've had a lovely afternoon chatting, and they've indulged my Strictly Come Dancing habit. I'm especially enamoured with the ice cream van that turns up Saturday night whatever the weather.

Roll on Sunday.

vintagebrides: 1970 Netherlands The Dutch have always been the...


1970 Netherlands

The Dutch have always been the best at floristry.

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Thursday, November 07, 2013

NaBloPoMo 5 6 7

Ok, so I suck at this already!


I went to work at our office in Micheldever Station today. I love working here. It's a barn conversion and it's peaceful, and has working phones and internet. And a willow sculpture of a bull in the garden you can definitely tell is a bull.

I also painted a picture for Tom's Dad's Christmas present. Tom and I think it's fab, hopefully he will too.


Today I worked out of the church office. On my breaks, I arranged poppies for Remembrance Sunday, had a cup of tea with a friend and got my set of church warden keys. In the evening I made geonese cake for the flower arrangers coffee morning on Saturday. This will need icing tonight, finished the painting and roasted pumpkin and peppers for Tom's lunchtime soup.


I've been in Surrey today, at our weekly planning meeting. I'm lucky to work with a friendly team. Sometimes our meetings are like group therapy! I've also popped into town to get some of Tom's Christmas presents, and spent an hour trying to get one email to send.

I can smell the risotto Tom is making, and Big Bang Theory is keeping company on the telly.

We're off to bible study tonight, and then I will ice my cake when we get in.




I am currently surprised at how intensely tired I am feeling. It's probably a combination of a lack of exercise, adjusting to the darker evenings, a lot of work and not enough sleep.

I'm also surprised at how intensely I'm missing friends - there are a few who I didn't see often, but I've not seen for a bit, and the longing to chat to them has crept up on me.


My last Google search was for Fast Food Review. I have a strange compulsion to read about the excesses of American fast food. Should I ever visit the US again, I'm going to try some of these odd combinations!


I don't currently have a mentor figure in my life, but there are a few people who I really admire. Some of the older ladies at Church are really inspiring. I think the people who give me the most support are friends from university.

Monday, November 04, 2013


Today I went to Osterley Park in London to help film some conservation work. It's all for something top secret, so I can't tell you what.

Then I came home, and published web content until Tom came back. We've checked the diary for the week, planned some meals and invited people round to eat on Friday.

We're planning to go to the Range to pick up some essentials like a food flask and a canvas for painting after dinner. As you do.

I don't have anything else to say today, but I'm here writing.

Ask me some questions to answer for the rest of the month!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

NaBloPoMo 1 2 3

Ooh I forgot about NaBloPoMo!

On day one I drove to East Sussex to run a social media training session with the Bodiam Castle team.

Every day I thank God for the chance to visit beautiful places like this and get paid for the pleasure.

On day two I laid in, sorted some banking, then drove to Leighton Buzzard for Jess and Andy's housewarming.

It was fabulous. Good friends, good food and lots of chatting.

I went to bed after 1am, a rare occurrence these days.

Today finds me sprawled on the floor of their living room floor, listening to the chaps trying to fix a broken warming plate. What a way to start November.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Taking Verity out for Mexican in style / on Instagram...

Taking Verity out for Mexican in style / on Instagram

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

scotchtrooper: hnnnnggggg Hmmm inspiring. I could make...



Hmmm inspiring. I could make something like this I think.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Green Tshirt

Red T shirt to make laces

Green Shorts

Green leggings

Black knee high boots

Green gloves

Yellow Cape

Yellow laces to make waistcoat

Black Circle with Yellow R, left side

Black Mask

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Just writing writing writing

Can’t take any more Classic FM. So Paloma is caressing the earbuds. 13 minutes to write uninterrupted.

Ooh my screen looks like the Matrix.

Where are we then?

Joyously celebrating Adam and Toddy’s engagement.

Planning a wedding fair at Church. Enquiries for tables trickling in.

Taking on the role of churchwarden if the vote goes my way. Not sure I want it to, but there’s not many other people who want to stand. This means noticeboards, faculties, DAC and more.

Watching Tom be excited about Winchester Diocese for the first time in 3 years after what looked like a useful conference.

Feeling a bit like life is in limbo as we approach another year of Tom being away. Lots of house projects I could attempt, but I don’t feel confident doing them on my own. Don’t want to do them wrong. Could do more sewing.

Need to make a Robin costume for Tom for Verity’s 18th Birthday Party.

Planning my holiday to Italy. Need euros, and boarding passes and print outs of directions.

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For distraction free writing

For distraction free writing:

Watch this space for more posts flooding your world

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Stream of consciousness thoughts from Greenbelt

The common good - Jim Wallis - what does this mean, how do I aim for it. The need for some more pragmatic tips for all talks

Dementia in Churches - how do I respond, what can we do - Need more specifics, off to check the liveability website.

Steve Chalke - God can't leave prayer meetings, no matter how boring,  need to be providing better administration so people can get on with doing stuff, post welfare state coming, not necessarily right, but how will we respond. Repentance - wake up and live differently. Bring good news to people - not letting them live in Hell on earth. Want to know what I can do right away - feeling impatient

Divine Feminine Eucharist - found active exclusion of men in first section really uncomfortable, could have had whole service without that element, blokes at Greenbelt coming to that kind of service already converted, liked rest of liturgy, would use in some circumstances, want to look at gender neutral language where we can, think service was trying to highlight something specific, using gender neautral language all the time could be considered silencing the feminine by omission.

Group communion - breaking bread with friends in a field - like the feeding of the 5000? Range of ages amazing, felt very safe and secure.

Beer and Hymns - can't sing Here I am Lord - too emotional. Love being surrounded by people singing, is this what heaven is like? Biggest moment of doubt, what if this all nonsense? Can't deny the social justice bit, just know that's right. Want to build Kingdom of Heaven on earth, can't always reconcile God with suffering I see, or the point of the resurrection. Can't deny the presence of God when people raise their glasses singing their hearts out - lost my voice.

Best conversation - Tom and I half cut walking on the way to something talking about the theology of Now, all that people with dementia have, very Orthodox theology (not sure we were right on this one), incarnation, passion, resurrection all happening now, why I love advent, God is coming to earth right at this minute.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Soon cute can’t resist!

Soon cute can’t resist!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alliums at the weald and down museum / on Instagram...

Alliums at the weald and down museum / on Instagram

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Questions 1 to 10

The lovely Adam posted these questions which I am borrowing.

1: During which decade of the 20th century would you feel most comfortable living?

Pragmatic me says rather than the 20th Century, this century is best, as woman, I have so many more opportunities than my foremothers. The romantic me says the 1960s, as the design, music, fashion and politics are a huge influence on me.

2: Which university would you choose to go to given the chance?

Given I met my darling husband whilst studying at Southampton, I'm fairly happy with my choice. I also met some dear friends and got to study under some very inspiring people. In a parallel universe, I think I should have liked someone to explain what engineering was when I was a teenager and made me better at maths so I could have done something really useful like being a computer or civil engineer. But I'm very happy with how this universe is working out.

3: If forced to live in a rural cottage what kind of landscape would you prefer to be surrounded by?

I like landscapes that have a sense of the edge of the world.  I like craggy bleak places, so some where coastal, far back enough from the cliff edge for coastal erosion not to bother me. Perhaps the North West coast of Ireland? I fell in love with Co.Leitrim when we went on honeymoon there.

4: If forced to live in the centre of a large city which would you choose?

Another cliche I'm afraid. I would pick London. To live in the Barbican, or on the South Bank somewhere, so close to myriad possibilities.

5: Is there more value in an architect or a writer?

Again with the pragmatism. In the purest form, the architect provides shelter, where as one can always make ones own entertainment. But now I doubt myself, surely the journalist exposing corruption is more useful today than the folly builders. Ugh I don't know.

6: Which is your favourite style of architecture and would you live in a house designed in that style?
For domestic buildings I like Arts and Crafts style houses, for public spaces I love Brutalist or over the top ornate Victorian buildings. I know that's two extreme but there you go. I would love to live in an Arts and Crafts house, full of both useful and beautiful things.

7: Given the chance to manage a cathedral, a coffee shop or a national park information centre which would you choose?

I think I would be best suited to running a coffeeshop, but I would love to manage a cathedral and hold in the balance the tension between worship, community, history, tourism and space for radical social action. Homeless shelter in the crypt anyone?

8: If you could only read one magazine or newspaper for the rest of your life which would it be?
The Guardian would do me nicely, as long as I could also have the Observer on Sunday.

9: What is your favourite bridge?
The Pont de Normandie. We cross it on our way to see my father-in-law, and it's a hazy, high up, glorious hill of we're nearly on holiday feelings for me.

10: What would be your perfect five-city itinerary of Europe?

London, Paris, Leiden, Cologne, Strasbourg, Zurich

#sunflower / on Instagram

#sunflower / on Instagram

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My happy sunflower / on Instagram

My happy sunflower / on Instagram

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Music for moments

Sometimes I want music that makes my heart soar and my feet leap.

I don't really like music.  It's the soundtrack to a day,  not the be all and end all. Cecil will shoot me for saying this. There it is. I'll never lay on a bed and listen to a whole album.

But when I find something I adore, I am blown away and fixated and listen on repeat.

Today it is Max Richter.

Can't explain it, but his stuff is making me feel alive.

Listen here:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

I have an awesome chef for a husband. Here’s what I got...

I have an awesome chef for a husband. Here’s what I got when I asked for picky bits from the fridge. / on Instagram

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thursday, July 18, 2013

For Todd and Adam’s new home!

For Todd and Adam’s new home!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Yet another trip to France

This time we ordered good weather. And took more lovely friends with us. There was more holidaying - trips to the beach, to waterfalls and the ever lovely Moulin de Jean. There was tiling, gardening, painting, cleaning and carpentry.

I riproaringly read through books two and three of the Game of Thrones series and feel very rested indeed. Thanks to Dad for hosting us, and Jon, Hannah, Ben, Sandy, Laura, Louisa, Tom, John and Andy for a fab week.