Tuesday, November 20, 2018

NaBloPoMo 20 cold rainy tired

Little Lydia woke up at 3:30am and didn't settle till 4:30am, would settle for a bit of I fed her, but also needed a nappy change. Those cloth nappy boosters cannot get here quick enough. Managed to get back to sleep till 6:30am when I had to get up for my physio appointment. I hasn't helped myself by staying up past midnight reading, bit sometimes I like the peace and quiet and tiny bit of grownup time when everyone else in the house is sleeping.

I'm reading Holly McNish's Nobody Told Me and I'm so glad someone has been able to capture the experience, both glorious and painful, of the early days of parenting with such raw honesty. I think I will be buying it for all my expecting friends.

We all managed to get up and out the house for my physio appointment. My hip has got worse this last week, and the current thinking is that my hip flexors have tightened and are causing my SI joint pain. So I have more stretches to add to my exercises.

We were done by 8am, Tom dropped us back and went to work, and I got Lydia dressed and we had breakfast together. She had gone out in her PJs to save some time. After breakfast we played together and read some stories and I put some more washing on, and dried some, and paired some socks. Lydia was keen on 'helping' with that so I put her toys in a different low basket so she could take them out one at a time and throw them across the rug.

In the midst of this I arranged to pop to Hythe to have a cuppa with my aunt. Once Lydia had had a few more feeds and a nap, during which I packed the car, we were off. We had a nice little chat and Lydia ate her lunch there and was bemused by Scout, their cockerpoo who barked if she cried or laughed.

Traffic was building up on the way home, and we had to stop to pick up a few bits we'd missed shopping wise. It took a long time to get over the bridge to Bitterne Park because of all the road works.

Once home, Lydia watched a couple of episodes of Sarah and Duck ( which I adore) whilst I started getting dinner ready and blending up frozen summer fruit and stewed apple to make freezer portions for porridge. Tom came home about 6pm, and helped with feeding Lydia her dinner. As ever, dinner for us was ready just as it was bedtime.

She's not settle well at all this evening, with a wet nappy and waking up everyone we put her down. She's mid leap at the moment so that might explain it, learning too many new things for her little brain.

Right, kitchen to clean up and then bed.

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