Sunday, November 25, 2018

NaBloPoMo 25 alone

You know what blog? I'm so brain tired, I can't really remember what happenned this morning. I think I fed the baby in our bed this morning and Tom got her dressed and changed her nappy before going out on call and left her with me for more in bed feeding. But I'm not sure.

We were still in bed at 9am so missed our normal service at church, but I managed to get dressed and ready to go out for the 10.45am service. I don't normally go to this one as its the one with the modern music which I'm not so keen on, but I wanted to see people. I sat in baby corner and mainly played with babies which was nice. Still not keen on modern worship songs. They all seem to be the same speed, slightly whiny. Never find God in them - but if they do it for other people what's great.

After church as Lydia was napping went to get sultanas for Christmas pudding. Lydia woke up as we were shopping but went to sleep again when I left her in the pram when I was unpacking as we got home. So spent the 2 hours of quiet working on the church website and email.

Then lunch for her, and lots and lots of playing. I was knackered, and my hip was sore, so we had a feed on the sofa in the front room so I could watch Netflix, and she seemed to like watching the dancers on the programme I was watching. 

She sat in the highchair and played whilst I made Christmas pudding, and she 'helped' stir it as its Stir Up Sunday. I wonder if she wished for more milk. Next was a nappy change, a short nap and more playing with mummy before dinner bath and bed. Bathed her in the bath proper to see how that went, was fine.

She's been very happy and smiley most of the day, not hard work really, it's just tiring doing the whole day of parenting on your own.

I'm trying to work up the energy to do all the tidying I need to do before the cleaner comes tomorrow.
Tom's still out at work. I'm not entirely convinced his on call is legal or healthy as so far he's been at work 13 hours, and will only get sleeping off time tomorrow if he gets home after midnight.

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