Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Desert Island Book

Carla over at London is for Living is asking what your Desert Island Books would be.

I'm a book lover, and I read voraciously. I can read a book in a day, and love the ferry ride home from Normandy as it's a chance to swallow a whole book.

So books to take to a desert island? They'd have to be good ones. And chunky ones.

But I'm going to break my own criteria there with my first one.

The Red Tent - Anita Diamant

My favourite lecturer at university told me to read this when I was struggling with my dissertation. He was wise to do so as it became my dissertation. And it's sparked a long love of reading feminist texts alongside my faith texts.

I have study guides and book study group notes to go alongside this to learn how the history of the religious practice and daily life of Ancient Near Eastern women is woven into this ficitional retelling of the stories of Jacob's wives and daughters.

I read this at least once a year and have a second copy to lend out. It connects me to my sisters in the past, and helps me connect to the femininty of the divine. Lovely.

A Suitable  Boy by Vikram Seth

I'm with Alex on this one. It's an epic. It's filled with family drama, religious drama, cricket related drama. There's a host of characters that draw you in, and it's a huge great thing that takes me at least a week to read. Perfect for a desert island.

I'm not sure if I can think of another. Or choose from amongst my babies. I like The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracey Chavalier, The Floating Book by Michelle Lovric, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, anything by William Dalrymple but especially From the Holy Mountain, anything by Bill Bryson, anything by Terry Pratchett, but especially the Tiffany Aching books, and Daughter of Britannia by Katie Hickman

Monday, February 16, 2015

Whiskey and ginger ale jelly - a recipe from my mum

My fantastic desserts (even if I do say so myself) from the weekend have prompted some pudding based chatter with my Mum on Facebook. Here is the recipe for her delicious sounding Whiskey and Ginger Ale Jellies. Think I'll be making these for the housecooling party:

135g Lemon jelly
Whiskey - to taste. I think at least 2 shots will be needed.
1L Ginger ale - you won't need all of this, so drink the rest.

Melt the packet of lemon jelly in a tiny amount of water in a heatproof measuring jug.

Cool slightly.

Add whiskey to taste.

Top up to a pint with ginger ale. Drink the left over ginger ale.

Pour into shot glasses and leave to set in the fridge.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

For The Boys Who Won’t Date Feminists, M.M.A. (via reduvia)

I am a feminist because when I tell people I am an actress, they ask if I’ve slept with directors, because it is so inconceivable to them that as a woman I should receive a part based on my talent and not how good I am in bed. I am a feminist because the boys that I live with think it is okay to tell me to wear a thong because my panty line makes them uncomfortable. The day I dress for a man is the day I’m dressed for Heaven. I am a feminist because when I wore a backless dress on New Year’s Eve, a man told me that it meant that I was “asking for it”, and the way he said it I knew he accepted it as a fact. I gave him the middle finger and glared at any man who leered at me that night. I am a feminist because since the age of 12 I have been told that a boy’s education is more important than my own, through the classes missed because my shoulders are showing and my shorts length is distracting the boys. I am a feminist because when I walk across campus, passing a group of boys 12 feet from my residence fills me with such terror that my feet speed up and tears burn at the corners of my eyes. I am a feminist because the first thing I do when I see a man on the street is think of all possible escape routes and take an inventory of what I can use as a weapon. I am a feminist because seeing a man stare at me through the bus window fills me with dread, not only from a fear of being attacked but because I know I will be told it was my fault for taking the bus alone. I am a feminist because statistics say 1 in 5 woman are victims of sexual assault, and that means that at least one of my baby cousins, at least one of my best friends, will be or has been assaulted and that thought makes me physically ill. I am a feminist because people still think it’s okay to ignore the problem, because the first response when I bring up the issue is “not all men”. No, not all men, but enough men that I can’t walk home alone. Every man I see is innocent or a potential rapist, and there is no in between. I am a feminist because girls are still taught that if they don’t take protective measures, the rape is their fault, and boys are never taught that just because she is a woman, does not mean she is theirs to touch. I am a feminist because feminism is about fighting for gender equality, for making the streets a safer place to be alone, for making the issue one that is discussed openly without anger. I am a feminist, and if you have a problem with that, you can go home alone tonight.