Thursday, November 15, 2018

NaBloPoMo 15 pyjamas

Lydia woke up at some time I can't remember, apparently on her front so that was ok. I fed her and then changed her nappy and had a little play. We didn't need to get dressed today as it was a Children in Need Pyjama Party at Hartbeeps today. The Ocacdo delivery arrived at 830am, mainly Christmas presents as I had a 15% off voucher

We shared Weetabix and Banana for breakfast and Lydia had another long sleepy feed. When we went to leave, nearly forgot the teddy we were supposed to take, so had to go back and get it.

Arrived just in time for the start, most of the babies were in their jimjams bit only a few of the parents had, boo! We had fun singing and dancing about with teddy bear ears on and entered the raffle. It's carnage with all the babies crawling about, and the songs are earworms, but I love it.

Walked home with a detour around the Travel as Lydia was starting to nap. Was feeling a bit low when I got in, so put my salt dough on to cook and watched some Netflix whilst I ate my lunch during nap time.

When Lydia woke up, it was time for a feed and a nappy change, then set her up with her toys in the family room whilst I wrapped presents. Aware she's not heard much music around the place as I prefer Radio 4, so put on some advent tunes and the Misa Criolla which she seemed to enjoy.

After another sleepy feed at 4pm, popped some Sarah and Duck on the telly to entertain Lydia whilst I started dinner. Fish pie tonight, and with Sarah and Duck's help, had it in the oven when Tom arrived home just in time for me to go to Pilates.

Pilates was hard tonight, and I didn't really enjoy it. I had Hartbeeps songs going round my head and I'm not sure I was in the right place for it. Still, probably did me some good.

Ate dinner as soon as we got back, Lydia joined us at the table and ate some finger food. She was fascinated by the pepper mill tonight.

When Tom took her up to bed, I did some washing up and a bit more wrapping. Now feeding again, hoping Lydia goes to sleep soon!

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