Saturday, November 03, 2018

NaBloPoMo 3 custard

We got up gently today after a random 4 am wake-up for a feed from Lydia. It was a nice change to have a weekend in Southampton so we weren't rushing anywhere.

Tom and Lydia played in bed whilst I had a shower, then I took Lydia downstairs for her breakfast whilst he had his breakfast. She stayed in her PJs today so her costume for the baby Halloween party later on stayed clean!

We had time for a nice quiet sit down whilst Lydia played which was good as we're both shattered at the moment. When went for a short nap, I got some washing sorted too.

Then it was time to get changed into our costumes and go down to Rachael and Dan's for the baby Halloween party. We know them from our NCT classes, and they'd kindly invited all the babies and parents round. They'd gone all out on the decorations and amazing food, and had everything the babies might want too which made for a fun afternoon. All the babies were dressed up, we had Lydia as Tinkerbell with a matching mummy and daddy as Wendy and John from Peter Pan, a baby parrot and some pirate parents, a pumpkin, a skunk, a lion, a monster, and a couple of skeletons.

Lydia turns out to her father's daughter in not liking custard, as she cried when I made her try the sensory activity of custard with plastic bats and jelly with plastic eyeballs to play with. Tom has an aversion to slimy things which Lydia seems to have inherited. One of the babies was really into the lime jelly, and was trying to crawl headfirst into the bowl!

By 330pm, Lydia was shattered but way to excited to nap a the party, so we made our excuses and left. She conked out as soon as we started driving, so we went to get some shopping on the way home to prolong the car nap.

I'm now typing and feeding Lydia after quickly giving her some dinner and starting ours. We're trying her in her own room tonight, though picking to do this around Fireworks Night may have been a mistake!

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