Sunday, November 11, 2007

I stayed in bed most of the day... seemed like the thing to do.

Especialy when its cold and grey and miserable outside. I love the nest one can make under a duvet, trapping warm air in a pocket to protect you from reality. I like to snuggle into them and sleep endlessly, soundlessly, dreamlessly. Under a duvet it feels like nothing can hurt you, and no one can get to you. I often retreat there for a mid-afternoon nap when the world is getting to much for me.

Eating fizzy jelly is also a bit of a retreat from the real world. It brings back memories of parties thrown by my mum, where she'd serve pineapple slices in gingerale jelly, the jelly being extra thick to counteract the enzymes of the pineapple. Those pesky enzymes. Did you know you should brush your teeth after eating pineapple as those enzymes will start breaking down the proteins in your gums? Anyway, fizzy jelly. I had a friend who'd eat my mum's fizzy jelly, but wouldn't eat fizzy drinks. I never did ask her why.

Fizzy Jelly

Packet of Jelly of Your Choice
100mls Hot Water
500mls Fizzy Drink of Your Choice

Break the jelly into cubes and pour over 100mls of hot water. Microwave on full power for about a minute, then stir till disolved.

Stir in 375ml of the fizzy drink. Pour into moulds. Chill in fridge overnight. Enjoy with a glass of the left over fizzy.

This works well with food and drink combinations from real life. Lime jelly made up with lemonade, perhaps with mangoes in it. Pineapple jelly and gingerbeer, Strawberry jelly and cream soda. You could make Pimms jelly by setting lemon jelly with lemonade and a few shots of Pimms with chopped fuit and cucumber in the mould. Any other combinations?


Peter said...

I have to ask - what do you do with the other 125ml of fizzy drink? it's in the ingredients but not the recipe...

Alex Tarling said...

Sorry, you drink it of course! I shall edit the post forthwith.

Anonymous said...

Didn't work with strawberry jelly and Guinness. I feel let down.