Sunday, June 26, 2016

From my former university chaplain to his former students...


Post EU referendum, a negotiating position....

Dear Brexiteer. What we need you to do now. - by Fr. Philip Blackledge

"So well done, first of all. You listened to the arguments, the same ones I listened to. You heard all the same information I did, you listened to the same debates that I did, but you voted to leave. And you won. I take that – it was a democratic process and sometimes in the democratic process you lose, as I have done.
The referendum has activated the political energies of people who haven’t been interested in politics for some time, so we are told, and many of them are like you, who voted to leave. So here’s the plea of the losing side to you now.
Firstly, don’t stop – don’t stop with your political passion and activism, because we need you now. We need you to be active, we need you to keep talking to the people who you trusted with this vote, and we need you to hold their feet to the fire. There will be a General election in 2020, if not before, and by then, you will know whether their promises are good or not. So make it clear to them that you are watching to see if they were telling the truth or not.
If you voted leave because of all the money which will now go to the NHS, make sure it does. If it doesn’t vote them out, because they lied to you.
If you voted leave because of all the immigration, and it turns out that the deals that they do mean immigration will not go down, then vote them out, because they lied to you.
If you voted leave because of all the Brussels bureaucracy, and it turns out companies still have to conform with all Brussels bureaucracy in order to be part of a trade agreement, then vote them out, because they lied to you.
If you voted leave because you were reassured that the economy would be as good as or better than it is now, and it turns out that the pound has fallen, and businesses have left, and people have lost their jobs, then vote them out, because they lied to you.
If you find your rights – maternity and paternity leave, breaks at work, sick pay, health and social benefits – are taken away, when we were told they would not, then vote them out, because they lied to you.
My feeling is that the issues will remain. Immigration will not go down, mainly because we don’t train people in this country, we import them, which creates an underclass of white working class and second and third generation immigrants who aren’t trained or educated for work. With fewer workers rights, that’s only going to increase, rather than diminish.
So please, if you find that they lied to you, vote them out. And vote for the people who will tell you uncomfortable, complicated truths, rather than easy, simple lies."

by Fr Philip Blackledge  -

Friday, June 17, 2016

#ascot2016 prep...

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Sometimes I can't sleep

When I can't sleep, I mull over the day.

Feeling sad about Sandy moving to America. I'm excited for him, but sad for us too. He's a very dear friend, full of adventure, vim and party spirit. I appreciate his conversational art, and his thoughtfulness.

Feeling anxious about what needs doing at work.

Wondering what to get Ben for his birthday.

Ticking off the list of house admin. Carpets, curtains, fireplaces, architects.

Wondering if I have time to go to a craft shop tomorrow to buy something to jujzz up my Ascot hat.

Worrying about going to the doctor about my stupid lady parts.

Worrying about the EU referendum.

Feeling sad for the family of Jo Cox.

All sloshing around my head. All tick, tick, ticking away.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mourning God

Incredibly moving Maundy Thursday Tenebrae service this evening.

Felt physically bereft at the lack of blessing in the dismissal and when the Christ candle was carried out of the worship space .

Jesus is gone.

Now in my sleeplessness pondering the feast of the annuciation and Good Friday sharing the same day. God given human form, and God taken away. Delivered to Mary as hope in a womb, and a broken body in arms.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Things of the moment

Listening to Emma Thompson's Desert Island Discs, I wish I could take her to the pub, and oh to have a piece of music composed for you by a friend.

I've been given a colouring prayer journal by a friend and I can't bear to use it because it uses Impact font for the titles. How designerist of me.

Where shall I take Tom for his birthday...

You shouldn’t point out things about people’s appearances if they can’t fix it in ten seconds.

Something my sister said once, that’s become an important thing to me (via legally-undead)

Friday, January 01, 2016

Start as you mean to go on

I welcomed 2016 surrounded by friends laughing and drinking, squeezed into every corner of the living room.

I love my friends.

In 2015 they have helped me move house, painted rooms, built things, cleaned things and more. I couldn't have done it with out them.

Today has been quiet, nursing my hangover back to life, and playing with babies.

Christmas was lovely. We had 17 for lunch including the two of us. I even had Christmas loo paper.

Monday, November 16, 2015

NaBloPoMo 14+15+16

On Friday, I started to write, but Blogger ate my post. I was mainly feeling happy because we had a fantastic dinner at Toddy and Adams. All from a 1930s cookbook about eating the months. We enjoyed watercress soup, pork and beef meatloaf basted in sourcream with chestnut croquettes, followed by raspberry cream and cheese and biscuits.


This weekend, we went to stay with my parents, as it is my dad's birthday this week. My sisters and my brother in law were also around, so it was a lovely weekend of being all familial.

I even got to sing with Ellie after cafe church, borrowing the church hall piano.

Then it was off to lunch with Tessa, one of mum's friends, who had her birthday on the Sunday for a nice big birthday lunch with all us girls and partners, and Tessa and her friends.

Today I been off to head office to shadow their social media team as part of my personal development. Tom is out on standby, so I have the house to myself. I've made halloumi pitas for tea, and I'm just pondering some knitting.

I could be useful I suppose and wrap Tom's presents whilst he's out.

I was taken with a book called Listography that my parents were filling out for fun. I took a pic of this page for future reference. Wonder if we could all club together to send them to Edinburgh to see pandas for their 40th wedding anniversary in 8 years time.,..


Friday, November 13, 2015

NaBloPoMo 13

Today I have marvelled at my newly decorated hall - pics to follow. Thank you to the lovely Claire of Brushed Up and her team. Such a treat for it all to be done so quickly.

I have also done lots of tech support, and popped into the church office to help them with some tech support too.

This evening, Toddy and Adam had us round for dinner. We had watercress soup, a sourcream basted meatloaf and chestnut croquettes, raspberry cream and cheese and biscuits. Delicious. I may have eaten too much cheese.

The prompt for today is "Describe your perfect day off"

I like days off when it's raining. To be woken by the sound of rain and to know I don't have to go out in it, and I can stay curled up in my duvet listening to the gentle drumming on the glass.

Days off when I can have a bit of a lie in but I still get up early enough to enjoy lots of the day.

Once that start with pleasant solitary pursuits like sewing or knitting with a favourite film in the background, and a mooch about town. But end with evenings with friends round for dinner or in the pub.

I like days off midweek when most people are at work and you feel an illict thrill like being out of school when everyone else is in.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

NaBloPoMo 12

Today I scurried into London to talk website with London managers. I managed to get the perfect birthday necklace for my colleague Michelle on my way into the office - so overall an excellent working day.

I didn't make it back home till 8:30pm, so treated myself to frozen leftovers and a glass wine before settling down to finish altering the dress for Jo. Hopefully it will fit as it's all done now. I've done it by hand so it should be easy to make any alterations needed.