Saturday, December 01, 2018

NaBloPoMo 30 food

Fed Lydia in our bed this morning then got up relatively speedily, had a look at the view out her bedroom with Lydia and played and got her dressed.

Then breakfast and playing and another feed and a nappy change and getting ready to go out. I also got some washing on and started some pork slow cooking for this evening. As ever the buggy lulled her to sleep and she slept for 2 hours after that.

This worked in our favour as Martin and I worked on sorting out the church website and email. Think nearly everything is sorted now thank goodness. When she woke up Lydia had another feed and nappy change and played on the floor of the office as we worked.

Home for lunch, and Martin then played with the baby all afternoon whilst I cooked for this evening. Think all the food turned out really nicely apart from my experiments in baking but you can't win them all.

Louisa and Elis arrived at 4pm so Lydia had baby company, then other people arrived as they finished work. We ate about 630 ish and Lydia loved sitting in the middle of the room chatting to everyone. She even had her bedtime story read by Charley and Twinkle.

After dinner and Lydia's bedtime we sat and chatted and I knitted and had birthday cake for Martin. It's been a wonderful way to end November. I obtruded introduced everyone to the trippy children's tv world of Sarah and Duck too.