Wednesday, November 28, 2018

NaBloPoMo 28 Martin

Lydia and I up really today to be ready to leave to pick up Martin from the airport at 8am. Lydia napped on my bed whilst I got dressed, and we were scuppered by absolutely terrible traffic. Just love her happy little face when you pick hey up or if bed in the morning, and her ah-ah-ahs as she's desperate for milk head bobbing.

We managed to find a Martin, and fought traffic to get in to town eventually. We had a Whetherspoons breakfast before picking up some bits from the Rice Up Wholefoods shop. One extreme to the other. We also went to Lidl to get Tom a pannetone.

The weather was both cold and wet, so we didn't hang around in town, and I managed to get a fast asleep Lydia from buggy to car to buggy so she had a decent nap despite traveling.

She's had a lovely day playing with Uncle Martin. I sorted washing and packed for this evening as we were off to see Post Modern Jukebox at the Guildhall.

About 330pm I packed up the car with pretty much everything and took Lydia to my sister Ellie's in Totton. We picked Ellie up from the dentist and stopped to get some frozen pizza for tea. Ellie then fed Lydia her tea and played with her whilst I set up the travel cot and changed.

Then at 6 I left them to it and drove back to Southampton, feeling a little like a bit of me was missing, but excited for the gig. I met Tom and Martin outside, and we queued for a bit.

Once inside, we enjoyed the usual PMJ selection of great covers and performers. It's different every time, as the cast is different, which makes it great fun. I feel so uplifted.

Tom went off to pick up Lydia and Martin and I have just got home.

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