Saturday, November 24, 2018

NaBloPoMo 24 Crafts

Lydia woke at 5:45am, so I brought her into bed for a sleepy feed, and she had some from each side, and then woke up again at 8am.

I got her nappy changed, but then had to put her back in the cot just in her nappy as I desperately needed the loo - but she stayed happy and bright and played with her toys in the short time I was gone.

Then my mum came in to say hello and chatted to Lydia whilst I got dressed. We left about 8:50am for mum's church, there was lots of fun trying to fill my car with craft stuff. I draped a muslin over the baskets next to Lydia so she didn't try to empty them as we were driving along. There wasn't any where to put Lydia down whilst we were loading, so I woke Dad up from his lie in - feeling bad as he'd got in later from work again - and asked him to play with the baby. But he was more than happy and Lydia sat and played in bed with Grandpa very happily. Though she wasn't sure what to make of his hairy chest!

Once at church, I gave Lydia some breakfast and she sat and played whilst we set up the activities around the back of the church for the Christmas crafts day. We had print your own wrapping paper, ice a biscuit, make a fluffy lamb, make a origami present pot decoration, make a decoupage jamjar tea light holder and make a star and glittering pasta pipe cleaner wreath. Dad arrived just before 10am and was on tea and coffee duty and giving out chocolate coins for the present pots.

It started off slow, but there were about 35 kids and 20 adults over the course of the 2 hours. I mainly played with Lydia and gave pointers and welcomed people. The kids seemed to have fun. Lydia fell asleep as we were packing up so I went over to the bakery to buy pasties for lunch and then as she was still sleeping, mum and I went to hang up banners for next weekends Christmas Tree Festival.I came back to find Dad and Lydia having a nice chat. She just about learnt to wave today waving to Grandpa and started reaching out to be picked up by him too. So so lovely.

Some friends of Mum's popped in to see the baby too which was lovely. She's so loved by all these people who've only really ever seen photos. They're even knitting for her.

All packed up, we went back to mum and dad's and I gave Lydia some lunch before a nappy change and a bit of playtime with the grandparents whilst I packed up. We hit the road at 3:30pm and were home by 5:30pm after a short detour to drop forgotten hats to Louise and Elis in Eastleigh. She played for most of the journey and slept for a bit of it.

Since coming home, Tom fed Lydia her tea and we made dinner together. Dinner was inevitably ready at her bedtime, so we kept her up a tiny bit later whilst we ate, and she's been asleep ok so far this evening bar her usual 10 mins or so of squawking sleepily.

I have been trying to fix the church wordpress to no avail, and am now frustrated and ready for bed.

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