Wednesday, March 27, 2013


We've just had a blissful few days on the Lizard, in Cornwall. the Lizard is the most sourthernly point in Britain, making it useful over the years for communications across the seas.

We stayed in Wireless Cottage, the site of Marconi's radio experiments with the Isle of Wight. It was a lovely cosy cottage, a bit shed like from the outside, but all creature comforts inside. It was very close to the Coastal Path, and so we waved at walkers whilst we ate our breakfast and admired the views and the ponies nearby.

Sadly the Wireless Station museum next door was only open when we were out, but we've heard great things. I really loved this peaceful place, so I'd love to come and stay again, and visit the museum too!

Some of our pony neighbours and Lloyds signal station in the distance, some early sea comms!

We stayed in the shed on the left

The far window was our bedroom window

It was a bit misty and rainy when we arrived

The Lizard lighthouse in the distance. This was on most nights, and a few nights we had the foghorn too

Our living come dining room from one angle. The fire is a clver electric fan heater made to look like a stove.

And from the other angle...

Here's our beautiful bed - it was sooo comfy

On Sunday, we went to Landewednack Church. I was taken with all these crows nesting nearby

The quaint and beautiful church, in a wooded glade, on a walk down to Church Cove. We attended the Palm Sunday service, and were members of a congregation of about 50. Not bad for a village church! They also had  music group which included a small electric organ, violin and guitar. It sounded amazing, especially when they were playing a hymn to the tune of "What shall we do with a drunken sailor?"

Here's Church Cove

And Tom enjoying his walk....

We visited Porthleven too, which is very picturesque.

There were some nutters surfing on the fantastic waves

 And some other nutters standing on the edge of the harbour watching them

Just to prove I still exist

And we're back with the ponies - If these were humans we'd be shouting "Stay away from the edge!"

We also went to Falmouth and to the excellent Maritime Museum. Which has a basement level under the water, where you can see barnacles feeding, and a tower, from which I took this view over the harbour

Back on the Lizard we did have some sunshine. There's a boat out there somewhere

Soooo beautiful!