Sunday, March 25, 2012


We're living with a lot of uncertainty right now. Mostly employment
related, which means I can't write freely about it on here. Mostly, it

I'm always one who never leaves a job until something is lined up, so
facing a gap in my CV is hard.

To try and block all this out, I've enjoyed a simple weekend at home.
We've mainly gardened, planting seeds, clearing rubbish, scrubbing our
decking. All very middle aged and boring to some. But lovely to me.
There's such hope in planting seeds, especially planting ones I don't
know if we'll be around to enjoy.

There's vegetables, from chilli peppers to broccoli and sunflowers,
sweetpeas, and nasturtiums. I have dreams of nasturtiums, morning
glory and sweetpeas climbing up John's erection (the name for our
pergola) above our bench, We've grand plans to turn an old pallet into
a vertical lettuce and leaves planter.

I've been knitting alot again too, resting in the rhythm of the
needles slipping from hand to hand. Lots of beautiful small things for
new people.

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farmland investment said...

No doubt it is a stressful time for many. I got laid off from my longtime job awhile back, and have subsequently started my own business. On the one hand its exciting, but on the other hand, without the guaranteed paycheck the stress levels are certainly up.