Monday, November 30, 2020

NaBloPoMo 30: a small month

Lydia was up a lot in the night, I think she must have had indigestion as she greeted me with a potty full of poo in the morning... 

She was fairly cheerful when she got dressed this morning, and let me cut her nails and tie her hair up in bunches. Once I was dressed, it was off to nursery through the mist and fog with a breadstick to munch on the way. She was very intrigued by the mist and wanted to know what is was. We even spotted a squirrel on the way.

A gentle walk back for me, then breakfast before a day of work. I managed to get away from my desk for a walk at lunch time to deliver some more flyers to Dee as Radio Solent have decided to only broadcast the Carols on the Doorstep on DAB and online, so the ones we'd added FM details to were useless. *head desk* I delivered a few flyers on the way home too.

Worked for the rest of the afternoon, until Lydia came back with Tom. He'd been out to get the groceries before picking her up, so I helped her get changed into her PJs and wash after nursery whilst he put the shopping away. We all had some snacks together in the living room whilst Lydia unwrapped a parcel my parents, well my mum, had sent her. It contained the very Glitter Granny selection of stars, tiny bears, felt animals, stickers and a grow your own elf from an egg you leave in water toy. We also had a video call with Dee and Sam as Lydia had been sad to miss them on our walk on Sunday.

Then off to bed for her whilst I caught up with some work. Mushroom and token beef scraps stroganoff for dinner, then more work and watching Star Trek Discovery. Tapping away on my laptop sat next to Tom gave me flashbacks to the early days of our relationship - pre smartphones - where we'd all be sat with our laptops watching TV of an evening in the Curry House.

So this is the end of NaBloPoMo for this month, a year like no other as all cliched media outlets have written. It has felt a small month, our world has shrunk enormously as we all stay home and try and do our bit to help reduce the risk of Coronavirus. I miss seeing my family and friends, and the prospect of winter outside socialising fills me with part fear, part excitement of yet another new challenge. I hope, friends, that you stay well.

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