Monday, November 09, 2020

NaBloPoMo 9: walk

Tom took Lydia to nursery today. She had to wear something spotty for Children in Need. Stripes tomorrow, off socks on Thursday, pjs on Friday. Must remember to send money in! We'd picked out her outfit last night so she put it in without much fuss. Trying the same tomorrow.

Whilst Tom got her ready, I started packing lunch for our walk today. We both had the day off, and we'd decided to go for a long walk. I packed left over carrot soup, cheese, bread and butter and apples. Had my breakfast whilst he was out, and got my waterproofs together.

Once he got back, we set off down to Riverside Park to walk the Itchen Navigation a way. Tom had walked it before, but I had not.

The first part of the walk takes you through the park and out under the motorway. You have to zigzag around a bit as there's only one crossing under the M27, and the first section isn't so pretty, going past the Eastleigh sewage works and so on.

But soon we were on quaint little riverside paths or old towpath, breathing mists and watching raindrops splash in the river. The gold and orange leaves reflecting missing sunshine in the water.

As we walked we talked. About everything near enough. It was delightful to spend a good solid chunk of time with Tom.

We ate our lunch sat on the riverbank on the company of a greedy robin, and decided to press on further. We made it to Shawford by 1.30pm, but then my hip was giving way, so we caught the train home. The trains were busier than I thought they'd be, mainly sixth form students I think.

Once home again, it was time for a cup of tea or two, and Tom went out to get the groceries and I to pick up Lydia. We had a good walk home in the dark, counting the houses that had lights on. I love walking Lydia home when she's in a chatty mood like today, hearing all about her nursery adventures 

When we got in, we played with her toy rabbits and hares, wrapping them in muslin swaddles and reading them stories and it felt good to be focused on playing together like that. She was very tired, and after a few stories from Tom and I, rolled over and went to sleep without much protest at all.

Bream, grains and romanesco for dinner, then we watched Red Joan on Netflix, and I knitted a few more rows on Dee's shawl. I think I'm supposed to be knitting mindfully and purposefully, but mainly I'm just cursing the bobbles! 🤣

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