Saturday, November 07, 2020

NaBloPoMo 7: sea air

Woke up early with Lydia and got her dressed for the day without too many arguments. Then swapped with Tom and went back to bed till 9am. He kindly bought me to some tea and toast which was nice 

I then played with Lydia whilst making a hot picnic to take on our walk today. We had jacket potatoes and cheese wrapped in foil tea towels in the cool bag, and stew in the Thermos flask. And left over sushi as you do 

Then once Tom got up from his nap, we went to Weston Shore and walked along the muddy beach whilst Lydia paddled. Everything was going in her mouth today, including the cockles and mussels in the sand. Had to explain they needed cooking first! She seemed to really enjoy being by the water and we ate our  lunch far on a fallen tree on the shore. 

After a quick walk in the woods to look for fairy doors, we came home and had a quick video call with my dad, read stories and attempted to cook dinner together. We sorted out a load of Lydia's clothes she's outgrown for passing on leading to hear wearing seven layers of all the tops and dresses she likes!

We also had a quick video call with Julian and Olivia as Lydia had been talking about Julian and wanting to speak to him all day. It's fun seeing her learn about friendships! Lydia and Tom did a round of 'Will it float or sink?' with toys in the washing up bowl which was messy but popular with Lydia too.

After dinner I washed up whilst Lydia and Tom read some more stories, and once Lydia was asleep, Tom and I waxed the new desk and advent calendar ahead of decorating it tomorrow. Rounded the day off with a glass of wine to celebrate Biden's victory and our usual delightful Saturday night Zoom call with Jess and Andy 

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