Tuesday, November 17, 2020

NaBloPoMo 17: challenge

Got to sleep in a bit this morning as Tom didn't need to leave bright and early. He got Lydia her breakfast whilst I caught up with work emails.

Drawing, writing letters to grannies, stickers and toy picnics this morning. Soup for lunch, then lots of TV for Lydia whilst I had some work calls. Internet is down today, so was running my mobile phone as a hotspot, but it packed up mid call this afternoon which was helpful. Lydia ended up watching her videos on one phone whilst I rang in to calls rather than using video conferencing. I don't think companies realise quite how much staff are multitasking whilst people are working from home around children. I hope they're making allowances for us all being so distracted.

Had an email today that Lydia's nursery is closing completely until next week due to Covid related staff shortages, so we'll be getting a refund for those days which is helpful for us, but hard for them.

Once Tom came home, he heated up the food kindly provided by our homegroup, and I spent some time trying to get hold of our ISP/mobile phone provider. Looks like the work on the mobile phone mast is complete, which is good, as they've given us unlimited data whilst we have broadband issues. Now trying to catch up with work again whilst Tom does bedtime. He's working all weekend so trying not to feel guilty about not helping as I'll be flying solo all weekend.

Thanks to Jess for sending us a lovely care package with nice biscuits and toys for Lydia. So greatly appreciated as gives us something new to look at.

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