Wednesday, November 11, 2020

NaBloPoMo 11: inside

First day of isolation at home with Lydia. Got up with her at 7.30 for breakfast, went down in our PJs to avoid too much stress. She had cereal, blueberries and pomegranate, I had porridge. She had great fun describing all the different aspects of the pomegranate arils to me, crunchy, juicy, shiny etc...

Then upstairs to get dressed, and she then played with her stacking blocks on our bed whilst I put washing away. When her patience waned we went back downstairs to do some toddler yoga and  bake biscuits. Really getting the hang of the yoga now. She's a fiend for eating all the ingredients as we go along, but we got there, despite her chucking herself off the stepstool a couple of times in the process reaching for things she shouldn't have been touching. 

We called my granny to say hello. Lydia amusingly confused by the concept of an audio only call. Then lunch of picky bits out the fridge then playing whilst I messaged colleagues. Had the bittersweet news today that I was successful in the assessment for the remaining roles at my level, and so won't be made redundant. I feel relieved, but dreadful for the talented and passionate colleagues who's roles are being made redundant. I hope the redeployment register comes up trumps for them as they bring so much.

Will need to try to not be on my phone as much on Friday afternoon when I'm next in childcare. 

After that, made some cornflour oobleck with different colour food colouring in for Lydia to play with, and took that outside with utensils, a big bowl of soapy water and some Playmobil animals and a tray, thinking she could pretend it was mud them then wash them clean. She liked dribbling the different colours in each other and pouring the mixture around. 

After a quick swing and go in the cosy coupe car, we went back inside for some TV time until I had to start dinner. Lydia's favourite crispy smoked tofu bites with stir-fry veg and noodles. A few stories after dinner, Tom did bed time, and I washed up. He then went out for a walk and I tidied the toys away. When we got back, cut his hair and went to knit more bloody bobbles and watch Strictly. Was supposed to go out on a walk myself, or so some kind of exercise but didn't feel like it. Will try tomorrow. 

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