Friday, November 20, 2020

NaBloPoMo 20: belated

Lay in for a little bit whilst Tom got Lydia dressed, until she came in to jump on me saying "I love you so much mummy". Sometimes she melts your heart. Insisted I wear a matching hairclip like hers today, so that will have looked fun on the video calls.

Fixed her breakfast of a tiny amount of all the cereal, a crumpet and a slice on peanut butter toast, and made my own whilst Tom did a work call, then a swap as it was my day to work today. Lots of phone calls as I've not been working day times this week 

Listened in to the Culture Geek conference between calls, will need to listen again to catch up what I missed. A few interesting headlines for sure. Digital interpretation is something I find really fascinating so hoping I can still lead for that in my new role.

Lunch of bread and soup, the Morrisons Broccoli and Stilton was a bust, way too stiltony. Then a quick walk to the chemist and bakers to get some air.

More work in the afternoon, knocked off at 430pm as I could hear Tom and Lydia gradually losing more of their cool. Freezer sausage and mash for her for tea, and I played a bit and danced a bit with her as Tom needed some time on his own, which I completely understand. We swapped our autumn socks a day late and Lydia was very pleased with hers!

I did bedtime too, and Tom had to go in later as she'd climbed on some furniture and got hold of her baby monitor phone. 

Tom is worried about the amount of cake and lack of exercise in our lock down diet, so we did a Joe Wickes video which was infinitely less annoying than the American videos we've done in the past. That little bit of exercise perked us both up, and we ordered a sensible amount of sushi for our Friday night takeaway rather than all the takeaway. So I feel virtuous.

Then a bit of the Crown with our dinner, and our usual Friday night video call and knitting. Tom working this weekend and needs to leave early so I'll be on Lydia duty the next couple of days. We've got bulbs to plant, fairy doors to paint and some new sticker books to do.

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