Thursday, November 26, 2020

NaBloPoMo 23 - 25: fail

 First fail of the year, not bad!

23 November, I was working from home whilst Tom looked after Lydia, bar a swap for a phone call in the afternoon. 

24 November, another working day for me whilst Lydia went back to nursery for the first time after her isolation. I love our little walks to nursery in the mornings. She and I talk about what we can see, and she sings pretty much all the songs she knows. Managed to break up work with a walk round the park with Dee, which was lovely. Stories and cuddles with me before bedtime. Dinner provided by church homegroup and a zoom call which was more chat that bible study and prayer but I'm ok with that.

25 November was my day at home with Lydia. Breakfast followed by a long bath for Lydia after which she said her fingers were all "ankly" - meaning wrinkly! Then bundled up and off to the park for a walk and a play as she's not been out anywhere for a while. We did the first playpark as it wasn't too busy, stopped for a banana and drink, then off to the second one before going to the bakers on the way home. Lovely to be out in the fresh air. Home for a baked potato lunch, happily provided by putting them in before we left and the oven timer. Then playing until it was time for a sneaky work call that I didn't want to miss, so Lydia had TV time, then crispy tofu stirfry for dinner with Lydia 'helping' us get it ready. Went on a quick walk round the block after dinner to try and tire Lydia out as she's been waking in the night a few nights. I love a walk in the dark, seeing in people's houses with the lights on. I know I'm nosy, but it feels all festive and pretty. Only one Christmas tree in the windows so far. Once home, Tom did bedtime, and I tidied up as the cleaner is coming today. Then knitting and Strictly catch up before bed.

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