Friday, November 06, 2020

NaBloPoMo 6: Rest

 A day of off today, using up leave whilst I wait to hear about the future of my job.

Lydia was in a grumpy mood this morning, not sure why, might just be the hardship of being two. Took a long time to get her dressed as everything was wrong. Ended up taking her to nursery in the car as we were very late.

Came home and breakfasted in a leisurely fashion, watched a couple of episodes of Harlots and knitted for a bit which was a restful treat. Tom always used to rib me about not being very good at resting, about having to do something all the time, bit since having Lydia I've relished the chance to sit and do very little. Or nap!

Then I togged up and painted the two front gates the shade of Tarling green we've painted the other gates. Need to do one side gate and we're done. Probably a little cold for it, but I wanted a task I could complete. Expect they'll need another coat, but it's a step in the right direction.

 Made sandwiches with Tom to treat whilst we went to collect Lydia from nursery. She'd been painting poppies for Remembrance Sunday. Gentle meander home stopping to pick up leaves, and then she played for a bit whilst I set up firework painting. Lasted all of 5 mins before she covered herself in paint, but think she had fun. I try not to interrupt when we're painting, let her get as messy as she likes whilst she explores the paints.

 After that we tried making roads with making tape on the carpet and she played with Baby, the doll and little bedroom and shopping set my Mum and Dad gave her as a birthday present. Baby had a go at riding the tractor along the tape roads for a bit but I gave in to a bit of telly time as we were all knackered and it was a blessed relief to all sit down.

A few aborted attempts to call family and some more grumps whilst we waited for teatime led to me discovering Lydia had a tummy ache, so we had a snack and a cuddle which seemed to help, and a long swing outside whilst singing loudly at the top of our voices.

Takeaway sushi for tea, more cuddles and a little pre bedtime family dance party  before a slightly protected bedtime for Lydia. She did go to sleep on her own by 8pm, so that's a win.

Chatted to our usual Friday Night Fun friends over video call and knitted until bedtime.

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