Thursday, November 19, 2020

NaBloPoMo 18: home again

My non working day with Lydia today. Made brownies in the morning, some for us and some for the friends with the new baby. Then went for a run around in the garden until it rained and got too cold for me to bear. Lots of pushing Lydia in her cosy coupe and hide and seek.

Soup for lunch, then painting the mobile that Jess and Andy sent us. 

Tom came home at 2.30pm and I caught up with work email until 4.30pm. Caname downstairs to them making crispy fried smoked tofu for tea with stirfried veg and noodles, Lydia's favourite. 

Quick bath for Lydia after tea with disco lights in the bath, submersible ones bought for a Christmas Nativity display I'm doing. More work for me, and a video call with my sisters to sing Happy Birthday to my dad.

Out to Sainsbury's to buy goodies for the family with the new baby after Lydia had gone to bed. First time I've left the house in a while. Wine, cheese, pate, bread and grapes for the grownups, a toddler ready meal, fruit pouch and snacks and a comic for the big sister, and my knitted cardigan for the baby. Bought some cakes to drop to my sister's house as she wanted cakes on our video call, and on to hers to pick up a book I'd had delivered there by accident.

Home to knit and watch the Crown for an hour before bed.

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