Tuesday, November 17, 2020

NaBloPoMo 16: weary

Lydia woke up at midnight and needed a cuddle, then at 2am, our friend rang asking me to come and watch their daughter as they needed to go to hospital as the home birth hadn't gone as planned. I'd said ages ago that I was happy to do this, so it wasn't a total bolt from the blue.

I arrived at 2.15am with a make shift mask made from my woolly scarf as I'd  forgotten to bring one from home in my sleep addled haze, just as they were getting mum in the ambulance. I knitted a bit and tidied up some of the blankets, whilst midwives did paperwork, until granny arrived to take over, only 45 mins later. The baby had arrived in the ambulance outside before they'd been able to set off and all was well!

I was home by 3:30am and then couldn't settle again until Tom got up for work at 5:30am, due to the adrenaline. Lydia slept in for a bit which was a mercy. 

Made pancakes for breakfast to fill the time, Lydia more of a hindrance than a help with the mixing but think she enjoyed, then had a go at potato printing cards. That lasted about 10mins until she was bored and covered in paint. Did some yoga on YouTube,  and then playing until time for my work calls, when she watched Mr Tumble.

Sandwiches for lunch and lots of stickers and dancing in the afternoon. Made butternut squash, beetroot and nduja pasta for tea, using up what we had as Tom was doing the shopping on his way home from work. Long phone call with my mum before Lydia bedtime. She went to bed easily today,  and I then cracked on with work until Tom got back about 930pm. Filled the dishwasher whilst he unpacked the shopping then off to bed,  absolutely shattered.

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