Friday, November 06, 2020

NaBloPoMo 5 : fire

Another busy day at work, broken up by a lovely phone call with a friend at lunchtime.

Once work was done for the day, we loaded up the firepit, put the hotdogs on to boil and covered the gardens in candles for a small bonfire party.

When Lydia got home, we snuggled up in our chairs and warmed the hotdogs over the fire. Tom and I pranced about with sparklers taking instructions on which shapes to draw from Lydia. And then we toasted giant marshmallows. 

Lydia absolutely loved it, called it our campfire and started reminiscing about going camping in the summer. She wanted to know where our friends were, which was a little bit sad. We watched other people's fireworks and oohed and ahhed.

After Lydia's bedtime we went back to the fire and sat chatting on a fun Zoom call with Mel and Ian until our phone batteries died and we had to move indoors. 

All in all a very happy evening to start off our lock down.

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