Thursday, November 19, 2020

NaBloPoMo 19: Not today

Feeling really low today. My world feels very small, and every day feels the same. I can't wait till we can go outside with Lydia again. I am so bored of our house and garden.

I got up with Lydia today, crumpets and potato farls and melon for breakfast. Playing whilst I did some housework, then TV for her whilst I did my work call. Work call the highlight of my day, so nice to talk to adults. Had to string up her mobile whilst on the call as she was desperate to see it hanging up.

Lunch of left over tofu and picky bits, then video call with Martin. Lots of playing with dolls for Lydia then a cuddle and some of Wall E watched on my phone in our bed as I am knackered and couldn't be doing with anything else.

Snack of the rest of the melon and a biscuit for her after, then painting whilst I tried to do some washing up and rewaterproof my waterproof coats. Inevitably meant lots of paint everywhere, but thanks to Verity, had new washable paints that were easy to clean up.

Feeling very touched out today, so made Lydia's tea of fishfingers and chips and peas and left Tom to it when he got back. Did an hours work, half my pilates class and now back to work whilst Tom does bedtime. Want to be in a good place before my day of calls tomorrow. Might try and go for a walk around the block too.

4 more days until family walks!

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