Sunday, November 15, 2020

NaBloPoMo 14: escape

My day for a lie in today, then escaped down the road to buy bread and post my autumn socks parcels to the godchildren. Quite the queue at the bakers, pleased people are using them as I want them to stay open as their bread is lovely. Feel like I should spend more than £2.00 when I'm there, so always end up buying cakes. Their cakes are of the traditional bread with some sweet stuff on top rather than fancy patisserie but I love them for it. My usual order is a sprinkles donut for Tom, a Belgian bun for me and a Chelsea bun for Lydia.

Once home, I heated up soup for lunch and buttered bread, and after lunch, I read stories to Lydia and played with dolls, before calling Ellie and Andy. Ellie did jungle Cosmic Kids yoga with Lydia down the phone and Andy read her a story. Tom got to go out for his daily exercise whilst all this was going on, a very rainy bike ride.

Tom cooked mushroom risotto for tea whilst Lydia and I played 'find the hidden snail toy in the dark garden in the rain' until I was too cold and wet.

Once Lydia in bed, family Taskmaster over Zoom for my dad's birthday, very well put together by Ellie and Andy and very funny. Lots more knitting bobbles on Dee's shawl.

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