Monday, November 23, 2020

NaBloPoMo 22: tired

Up again with Lydia as Tom out to work again. Decided to have a chilled out day, so breakfast in pijamas, then watched Strictly together and Lydia played with her teddies. Still loving Bill Bailey.

Back upstairs with clean washing to put away, got dressed, and tried watching a bit of Zoom Sunday School with Lydia whilst I put the clothes away, but she wasn't as interested this week. She kept wanting to show them Grandpa Bear and tell them it was his birthday today. Oh well.. Try again next time! 

Washing put away and fully dressed, back downstairs for a snack and some more playing whilst I pottered tidying up a bit. Rang Tom's mum whilst Lydia ate her pomegranate, and then made pizza dough for tea time all on the video call - like being our very own cookery show!

Left over cauliflower cheese for lunch, followed by some baby ballet on Youtube for Lydia until Tom came home.

I went upstairs for a nap at this point, as Lydia had woken us up in the night and woke really early. Fully intending to only sleep for 30 mins, Tom woke me an hour and half later. When I came down, they had made a huge train track around the living room with her Brio.

Got Tom and Lydia to help me clear up the kitchen and made pizza for tea. Dough was a no knead recipe new to me and came out really well. Needed to flour more and roll out thinner to get a better crispy base next time. We had chicken, olives, pepper and onions, and the grownups had nduja too. Very nice!

Rang Jo and Sarah over tea, and Lydia played with them over the phone for a bit until she decided she wanted to go hunt for something in the dark with her torch, so I went out to do that with her for a bit. She was all wrapped up in an old Clothkits coat from when I was little and the elf hat and little neckerchief scarf I've made for her, and looked adorable. 

She only wanted to play outside for 30 mins mercifully, so we were back inside for bedtime. Tom got her to bed whilst I did a little tidy up of the toy crap around the trains. Need to have a think about Toy storage. I hate mess, but I am really bad about tidying up. Really need to work on that. We have too much stuff and not enough homes for it. I need to Marie Kondo a bit at a time really. But I struggle to do it on my own and Tom hates it too, and you can't do it with a kid around. Guess I'll be using some of my leave to do it then...

It's a bit like gardening, I love a pretty garden but I hate weeding.

Once Lydia was in bed, watched a couple of episodes of the Crown with Tom and knitted some more of Dee's shawl. He went up to bed early to have a bath, and I watched the Strictly results show. Lydia up a few times throughout the evening and night, think she was having a bad dreams. 

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