Thursday, May 13, 2021

Breaking in to 2021

 Thought I better break the seal on the 2021 blog space. 

Still here, still unable to do as we would wish due to bloody Covid-19, hopefully days away from UK restrictions easing some, fearful as to what those restrictions lifting might mean for infection rates. That reminds me, time for my bi-weekly lateral flow test, must do that later...

Everything is quite big and stressful here at the moment. I'm happily and somewhat unexpectedly 28 weeks pregnant with baby number 2, affectionately known around the house as Thing 2. Wasn't expecting the fertility drugs to work first time. Poor Thing 2. Being pregnant this time has left no time for spiritually communing with my bump as I chase after Lydia, help Tom chase tradespeople for our hopefully impending loft conversion, and help with the admin around his now frail Dad moving back to the UK in the middle of a pandemic.

I've been keeping calm by using the GentleBirth app recommended by a few friends and acquaintances, Tom and I being lulled to sleep most evenings by Tracy's soothing Irish accent. Who knows if it will work in labour, but I feel more cheerful in myself for doing it. I've stood strong and told the midwifery team that I don't want to be induced this time based on my experience with Lydia and have a section booked in for 42 weeks. Should give Thing 2 plenty of time to make their own way out, and 2nd babies come earlier right?

I am suffering with pelvic girdle pain or PGP this time. Can be totally random whether you get it or not, but I think it's likely due to me not being as physically fit when I got pregnant this time. Chiropractor makes the biggest difference for sure, as does any physical manipulation. Have had to give up walking Lydia to nursery as that was wrecking me for the entire day ahead.

Right, back to work, surrounded in the spare room by boxes of tiny baby things down from the loft...

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