Tuesday, November 03, 2020

NaBloPoMo 2 : Sort

Spent the rest of the working day yesterday working on auditing. Thrilling.

When Tom got home with Lydia from nursery, I packed up for the day, and went to play for a bit before bedtime. Inevitably she was intrigued by the bag of toys I had packed away. She went through it all and had a good play with it all. Note to self for lockdown: put some different toys in a bag each day!

When it was bedtime, she was insistent I did it, so I took her up and went through the usual delaying tactics around wanting different pjs, different books and so on. She did eventually settle. Tom went up to check on her after she'd called for us a couple of times, but she was asleep by then.

Tom had made roasted cauliflower and veggies, halloumi and baharat cous cous for dinner. 

Next up was packing up the rest of the baby things for the attic and sorting some church marketing admin. After that we did our 15 minutes of exercise hell. Tabata today. Very tiring! My quads hurt today. A quick shower later it was bedtime,

Today I have been to a chiropractor's appointment and to an ovulation scan. My pelvis and sacrum are suffering from having to sit still working from home I think. Glad to get them in before lockdown started.

This afternoon has been more auditing and updates for work ahead of lockdown.

Hoping to get the baby things actually in the attic tonight. I want to make a couple more facemasks as well, as we never seem to quite have enough and I've refined my pattern now.

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