Wednesday, November 04, 2020

NaBloPoMo 4: Air

Woke up about 7am this morning, checked my phone to look at the US election results. Have been looking in throughout the day, hoping for a resolution

Lydia was still asleep when we got up at 8.00am. Amazing to have a lie in like that on a school day. Today was a mummy and Lydia day, as Wednesdays are my non-working day.

We went downstairs to breakfast right away, and I used up a half pack of bacon on bacon sandwiches for Tom and Lydia. Which she enjoyed alongside a bowl of cereal. Think she's having a growth spurt. I had a piece of bacon and some peanut butter toast with my tea. Like to feed get right away when she wakes up late to avoid her being too grumpy.

Then back to upstairs to try and have a bath again. Ended up having a bath with Lydia as the only way to get her to stay in. Asked me to wash her hair with 'champagne' again which always makes me giggle.

After bath time and clothes time, we came downstairs to play Brio trains, then went off to the park to enjoy some fresh air. It was the most perfect crisp and bright autumn day today.

Lydia is in the asking lots of questions phase, which I love, and we discussed the leaves, the traffic, dogs and shops, and people wearing lipstick. "That lady's got a red mouth mummy'

We tried all the equipment in two different playgrounds, had a snack on a fallen tree, then walked back via the bakers. Fresh bread and cakes all round. Lydia is good at making friends with random people we pass on the park which is good for stopping for a chat at a safe distance for a while.

Once home, we had soup, bread, cheese, and crudit├ęs for lunch, and Lydia added chickpeas and olives from the fridge to hers. Tom came down to join us and we discussed the day so far.

After lunch I hung the washing up whilst Lydia badgered me about going into the garden to play, and made me pretend cups of tea. When I'd finished my chores, we went into the garden and stuck leaves we collected from the park into jam jars to make autumn candle holders. Surprisingly effective.

A potty training accident later, we were back in the garden playing on the swings for a bit before coming in when it started to get too cold. Lydia them played with her toy kitchen for at least an hour independently which gave me a chance to have a cup of tea.

We watched a few episodes of Sarah and Duck together until it was tea time. Dinner was a family effort, with Lydia 'helping' us chop ingredients for crispy tofu stir-fry.

Since then, I've been hanging out on the sofa whilst Lydia and Tom play with Brio before bed. Got to get that stuff in the attic today!

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