Tuesday, November 10, 2020

NaBloPoMo 10: oh dear

I had another day off today - woke up early, took Lydia to nursery, came back and breakfasted and enjoyed a few hours of bobble knitting and watching TV. I took a stroll to the bakers and bought bread and cakes, and did some tidying. Then we got the phone call from nursery saying there's been a Covid case, and we need to come and pick up Lydia.

So roll on two weeks at home with a toddler. 

Once home, she and I shared a cake and she watched Mr. Tumble whilst I compared work diaries with Tom to work out how we're going to share the childcare. Then a bath and playing with the toy vehicles on the mat whilst I made dinner of Cuban beef with olives.

After dinner, more playing before bedtime. I got her sorted for bed today and she went pretty happily today, reading stories to herself. I changed the sheets and am now watching a bit more TV.

Need to think about what activities I'm going to do with Lydia whilst she isolates. We've stocked up on sticker comics for her for when we need to make work phone calls. So far I'm thinking, more for my reference than yours:

  1. Cornflour, food colouring and toys
  2. Christmas baking last weekend in Dec
  3. Make Christmas cards
  4. Masking tape games
  5. Pin the tail on the....
  6. Will it float or sink?
  7. Bike ride in the garden
  8. Find it in the dark....
  9. Finger paints in empty bath
  10. Family disco on Friday nights
  11. Real food in the toy kitchen 
  12. Bike ride in garden
  13. Tea party for teddies
  14. Magnetic letters
  15. Throwing and catching the ball
  16. Doctors and nurses with the teddies
  17. Messy art
  18. Baking biscuits
  19. Making pikelets
  20. Dinosaur Water painting
  21. Brio train in the garden
  22. Watering the plants
  23. Planting bulbs
  24. Play dough with cookie cutters and little rolling pin from toy kitchen
  25. Big bubble bath with/out you kitchen stuff
  26. Naked finger paints in the bath
  27. Bake bread
  28. Make chocolate crispy cakes
  29. Make a den out of chairs and blankets
  30. Make a boat on the floor out of blankets
  31. Chalks on the patio
  32. Collect leaves in garden and make picture
  33. Collect stones in garden and make picture
  34. Dress up in dressing up clothes and make believe play
  35. Pretend to be on an aeroplane, bus, train, car
  36. Put lots of rice or pasta in a roasting dish and dig it up with the toy diggers
  37. Put lots of rice or pasta in a roasting dish and use the toy kitchen equipment to scoop it up
  38. Pretend to be animals/dinosaurs
  39. Play bedtimes with the toys
  40. Sort the toys by colour or size
  41. Play with the brio trains
  42. Play with the bricks
  43. go and look at the pictures at our house and talk about whats in the pictures
  44. Make silly faces in the mirror
  45. Read a different book
  46. Look and talk about the pictures in a magazine or newspaper or catalogue
  47. Blow bubbles
  48. Get all the coloured scarves out
  49. Play hide and seek
  50. Put real water/food in the toy kitchen
  51. Play run away run together
  52. Play flying
  53. Play copy me

Any other suggestions welcome!

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