Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The New House

So moving out of the old house was a chore and a half.  My room was full of crafty things and fabric for sewing and arty things and clothes. I was strict and threw out lots and gave alot to charity. Thanks to Dad being a Pickfords Man, I had plenty of lovely cardboard boxes to put everything in. Doc boxes come with  lids and handles so they were easy to carry. The landlady at the new house couldn't believe the amount of stuff I had brought with me! But unboxed, it seems hardly anything. I'm currently typing this from under the canopy of the four poster bed that graces my room. It's all so lovely I can't quite believe it.

Anyway back to moving. The four of us must have spent about 30 hours cleaning that place. Yes you read that right. The four of us. Somehow the other female housemate managed to be conveniently unable to be there at the big clean. Something about starting a new job the next day. Cecil managed to get on a train after finishing work on the Friday, and get back on the Sunday for work on Monday. He must be superman or something. She said she was going to clean the bathroom, but it took Cecil and Matt at least 2 hours to get the scum and limescale off the toilets and the plugholes. Anyway. The point is we cleaned it. And cleaned it. And burnt stuff, and threw stuff out, and had dinner out so as not to soil the kitchen, and tried not to go to the loo so as not to soil the bathrooms. The killer was waiting for someone from the agency to come and inspect it. We waited for two hours. Students of Southampton be warned, avoid AAJ's Accomodation. Shoddy houses that look ok on the surface, but come with a lack of storage space, non - English speaking builders barging into your house without so much as ringing your doorbell, and a complete lack of communication. I'll be surprised if they are organised enough to send our deposits back.

Moving to the new house was a dream, except for the washing machine that spins itself across the room, but we're working on that. I've got a bike now, and I'm loving flying across the Common. The Common is an awesome patch of common land in Southampton. It was landscaped in Victorian times, and has some foresty bits, a couple of ponds, an old cemetary, and some big wide open grass space. When you're in the middle you can't hear any noise, which is lovely in a city. I need to get a map of it though as I keep getting lost!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Common. Curse my German exchange partner who declared it "a park like any other park". I can't imagine being lost there. Let's spend our days cycling around it.